Tell them it’s me who made you sad

It’s finally weekend and I’m sooo glad! This week I had my semestrial test-paper at Chemistry and Romanian. That means: two more and HOLIDAY! At Physics I’m afraid, but no more fear at Maths. Yay! Next week it will be like hell, but I don’t care anymore.

Today I woke up at 9 :(, watched TV and, after helping my parents with the house work, went to the mall with a friend to buy the last Christmas presents for some friends. Returned home at 3/4 P.M and went for a walk with some another friends. That means I didn’t studied at all today, but it’s ok, tomorrow’s another day, too.

In the first picture are my new Leonardo boots (not really new, but :d) and in the second one all the presents that I’ve bought for family and friends. I love giving presents for Christmas, makes me feel useful, I don’t know…

Monday I’ll start posting some videos with carols,but now I’ll post something else.

4 gânduri despre „Tell them it’s me who made you sad

  1. Si totusi, sa shtii ca nu strica sa faci niste poze mai de sus asha. Ca nu se observa decat alte cadouri. Al meu deloooooooooc :((((((((
    de fapt, mint. la mine s vede ca e punga de la mine=)) ce descoperire. si totushi, trebuie sa shtiu :-w
    nu vrei sa-ti aduc cadoul maine?:P
    cu livrare la domiciliu chiar:>

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