Words are very unnecessary

Day 13: something you regret. Sorry, people, but this is a dead post because I don’t regret a thing in my whole life :(

But i’m gonna tell you something. Yesterday I watched this video that turned me so on.

I decided I needed to break free immediately so I created a new playlist with the name DANCE BABY (haha), turned off the television and laptop, put my headphones on, set the volume, put the phone into my back pocket and started dancing.You know the moves: shaking ass, jumping in bed, spinning around the room. I danced until my stomach hurt, my body was very hot and my right ankle twisted (meaning an hour). I don’t really care about the ankle because dancing made me very happy. Of course, after this I was very tired. But I’m gonna do this more often, because my soul flies and all my emotions are good. I advice you to do the same.


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