I need a proof it’s not a dream

(sorry for the flash)

  • You can see in the picture my glasses. I’ve changed the lenses as I’ve said on Twitter and in an older post so I have to restart wearing them if I don’t want headaches.
  • Yesterday I watched the latest episodes from GG and TVD. GG is now a bit boring, but it’s still one of my favorite shows. TVD is amazing!
  • Like I’ve said in an older post and on Twitter (haha, I love tweeting!) today took place the German Olympiad. I’ve been scared before seeing the test. Hope I’ll be good enough for the next step.
  • Now I’m having a horrible backache.
  • Today I went shopping with Mum: we chose the colors for the house’s walls. I chose light brown for my room; something like café au lait. We also bought food in Carrefour.
  • Do you know that chocolate croissants from France? Especially Paris? PAINS AU CHOCOLAT. I love them. Today I bought some in Carrefour and they’re almost done :(
  • I also bought my regular shampoo from Yves Rocher and this beautiful nail polish in Sephora.
  • Today I realized that I hate blood and I want to become a doctor. Wtf? What am I supposed to do? I guess I have to learn to „like” blood.
  • I want to go to Paris again and alone.

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