They’re trying to find me riding dirty

I’m writing today day 27 and 28 in only one article.

Day 27: What’s in your make-up bag? I’ve done this post before, but I’m doing it again now, because some things have changed.

this is my little make-up bag and it’s old :d

Dior foundation, Chanel powder, Avene mini anti acne lotion, makeup sponge and Avon canceler

Essence liquid eyeliner, Miss Sporty mascara, Avon white and silver kohls

Garnier lip balm, Avon lipstick, Sephora lip glosses

As you can see I own both medium quality and good quality products. For my lips I hate pink and I love brown.

Day 28: A photograph of yourself + three good things that have happened in the past days.

Florentina took me this picture some weeks ago during the school break with her phone. The notebooks are for Biology.

  1. I’ve got 5 pluses at informatics.
  2. I’ve done well at the German olympiad.
  3. My head is not burning anymore because I’ve got new glasses (actually new lenses for my glasses).


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