I gotta do what’s best for me

Hey, guys and sorry for my little absence, but I was very busy in the past days with a lot of things. Today is a free day comparing to yesterday and the day before yesterday. I’ll bullet for you the things I did lately:

  • My German teacher has told me that I’m going to the next phase at the Olympiad so on Monday and Tuesday I extra worked for it. The same I will do this evening and on the next week.
  • I’m working at the moment at an essay about Damon Salvatore from TVD because the BVG Magazine is making a contest with the title „What’s your favorite TVD character. Argue!”. The prise is a dvd-box with season 1. I don’t do it for the prise, because I can download or watch online the whole season for free, but I like writing.
  • I’ve got a 10 at Informatics and this, believe me, is a miracle!
  • I’ve joined the project Activ-C that my school is organizing. There are two clubs: one with project management and one with debate lessons. I’ve chosen the second one because I think debating might be interesting and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.
  • After school today I watched two episodes of The FBI Files and ate homemade gingerbread. I’m very sad because of the TVD break from March to mid-April. What am I going to do?! Maybe watch something else like 90210 :) I’m still watching season 2.
  • Lately I’m very tired and I sleep like a baby :d

Nothing else is coming up to my mind for the moment.


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