I’m crazy, but you like it

I’ve found some new information and pictures of Ian <3


  • NATIONALITY: American: English, French, Irish, Choctaw
  • HEIGHT: 1,77 m
  • Ian’s very first modeling job was with Ralph Lauren.
  • Ian enjoys floaty, dreamy, well orchestrated rock music.
  • The New Yorker and Reader’s Digest are two of Ian’s most favorable reads.
  • „Dolce & Gabbana”, ” „Versace”, „Claire’s Boutiques,” „Guess” and „Levi’s Jeans,” have all featured Ian in commercials.
  • Ian is a lefty.
  • „The Graduate” is said to be Ian’s favorite movie and Sean Penn his favorite actor.
  • Ian has described himself as a clean freak and has confessed to taking up to three showers.
  • Ian loves Red Wine and occasionally smokes cigarettes.
  • When he finds the time Ian enjoys yoga, baseball, western horseback riding, archery, rifley football and cycling.
  • Ian’s first kiss was in the fifth grade at a skating rink.
  • Ian has a dog and two cats.
  • Ian attended Catholic school and was involved in soccer and baseball.
  • His measurement at shoes is 43.
  • He has a scar on his chin.
  • Ian’s favorite color is turquoise.


  • Two guys kissing is not as sexy as two girls kissing.”
  • „Damon has an appetite for everything.”
  • „It’s great to play the charming guy we all want to be associated with. But a character with a bizarre mind and given to committing horribly illegal actions can be fascinating.”
  • „There’s this old documentary about The Rolling Stones. There’s a guy interviewing Mick Jagger and he says:<<What’s the definition of rock and roll?>> Keith Richards walks by and goes: <<Me.>> That’s so Damon.”
  • „The whole mind compulsion thing. I can essentially do whatever I want to you and then make you completely forget about it. Which… it comes in handy, you know what I mean? I’m glad I don’t have that power. That would be daaaangerous.”
  • „It depends on what you call bad and good. I’m definitely the more sadistic, which is fun. He’s a lot of fun. He’s charming and it’s hard to hate him, but he’s kind of a bastard. You walk that line between liking him and absolutely hating him, like with most vampires.”
  • „I have a million acquaintances but just two or three true friends. I can’t hide anything from them.”
  • „I kind of think too much, I try do too many things at once.”

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Yesterday I saw episode 2×16 and I love this scene:

Haha, Katherine deserved it so badly. I’m very proud of him: I was 100% sure he wouldn’t resist and kiss her.

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