Small little tiny things

Nivea Lip Balm (smells great and it’s also very good; from mum), bow (handmade and old), teddy bear-shaped photo support (from my aunt), rose-shaped earrings (from mum)



foot scrub (I’m in love with the scent), powder brush, nail stickers, ladybird-shaped sticker, hair accessory and agenda (from my aunt)

chocolate (from grandma and mum)

purple hyacinths and mochaccino

heart-shaped pendant (from mum) and hand cream with orange scent


Hi, blog! Now I’m enjoying a cup of lime tea because I think I’ve got a flu and listening to Katy Perry – Firework (I love the video!). I wish you all ladies a happy day, spring and life! Hope you are loved. I’m very tired and I’ll go very soon to bed I think without reading. But I did read today in my English and Romanian lessons :d This are some little things I’ve purchased lately :) I have some news for you: I’ve got the 3rd prise at the German Olympiad and of course I’m very proud. I hope I’ll have some time this days for another Damon post because I have some new photos and maybe I’ll write on my school’s blog too because I have a topic. I think this is all. Later!



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