I was born to survive

haha, of course. I used to like Cullen, but Damon is way better.

aww, how cute!

chemistry here!

of course he’s better

sooo true.


haha, Isobel


kill Katherine

yes, it is


Mr. Modesty

even Paul Wesley is team Damon, haha

Come on.. Damon!

such a bitch


I think I’m blind


Hello, blog! Like I’ve said before I did this Damon/Ian Somerhalder post with the pictures I’ve downloaded lately. Sorry for the randomly order. He’s definitely my idol and I’m so in love with him! I can’t wait for the 8th of April when the 17th episode can be watched.

Today and tomorrow I won’t be going to school again because on Saturday there’s a Maths contest (not Olympiad) I think I’ll participate. In middle school I wasn’t very good at Maths, but now I have another teacher and at this contest can participate only pupils that are studying at the same profile as I am. I’m a little bit sick so I’m just lying in bed, sneezing once per minute, eat chocolate orange cake, read the 5th Vampire Diaries book (hope I’ll finish it today-I have about 100 pages until the end), watch TV. I think I’ll watch 90210 and do my manicure. But of course I’m gonna do some Maths exercises and study for the Physics test tomorrow (I hate Physics!!!!)

Spring’s on just in theory here, in Iasi. I want it to come indeed! I want to wear my warm-weather clothes! The sun is shinning now, but there is a -4 degrees temperature. In the morning I was nostalgic when I remembered my beautiful summer with Paris and the country side. I love going alone in the country side to my relatives, because I can do whatever I want. In 2010 I went alone by bus in Bacau and this mini-trip was amazing for me! I did some shopping, had lunch and went to the cinema to watch Killers with Ashton Kutcher. That was really nice, believe me and I want this to repeat in 2011. Maybe at Easter or on the summer holiday. I can’t wait! I have a big plan for the 2nd week of holiday: download hundreds of movies, watch again The Vampire Diaries season 1 and 2, Midsomer Murders and BBC’s Robin Hood mini-series and also watch:

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Sex and the City
  • House M.D
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • CSI
  • Friends

I know I’ll be wearing huge glasses after this summer, but I don’t really care. Can’t wait!

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