The silence is slowly killing me

I want to visit Paris again soon

I love big rings

a cup of tea is what I need now too

Hi, everybody! I’m very bored so I decided to do an inspiration post and also bullet for you what I did lately:

  • Today took place a Physics contest I participated only because my teacher promised me a 10 and I need it very much! I suck at Physics so don’t ask me what I’ve done. It’s very embarrassing.
  • OMG! OMG! I have over 10 000 views. Love you, guys! ♥
  • I’ve just finished doing my Maths homework and after I finish this post I will start my German homework. I have two mini-compositions and many exercises to do. I also have to learn for Biology, Geography, History and Romanian for the next week.
  • Today after the contest I had lunch with my Granny.
  • I ordered on Thursday two items from MiniPrix again :d I’ll show them to you as soon as they arrive.
  • Hayky announced on her blog’s facebook group that H&M and New Yorker will open stores in November in Iasi at Palas. I’m so excited that I’ve started saving money.
  • I translated the page About into English (it was in Romanian).

I think this is all for the moment. I want to eat something delicious. Any ideas?


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