Why do you do what you do to me?

Hi, guys and sorry for the bad update. I was very busy with school so I had no time for blogging. I have some photos to show you, but I’ll make a photobomb sometime this week for this.

  • My parents took away two cupboards from my room so I did housework today for 4 hours to arrange all my stuff back.
  • I got a 10 at Physics, Logic (pointless school object) and Chemistry.
  • Tomorrow I’m on duty so I can do whatever I want for 6 hours if I don’t forget to ring the bell. Can’t wait!

Please give me some ideas for the blog because I want to post, but hot no inspiration.

The silence is slowly killing me

I want to visit Paris again soon

I love big rings

a cup of tea is what I need now too

Hi, everybody! I’m very bored so I decided to do an inspiration post and also bullet for you what I did lately:

  • Today took place a Physics contest I participated only because my teacher promised me a 10 and I need it very much! I suck at Physics so don’t ask me what I’ve done. It’s very embarrassing.
  • OMG! OMG! I have over 10 000 views. Love you, guys! ♥
  • I’ve just finished doing my Maths homework and after I finish this post I will start my German homework. I have two mini-compositions and many exercises to do. I also have to learn for Biology, Geography, History and Romanian for the next week.
  • Today after the contest I had lunch with my Granny.
  • I ordered on Thursday two items from MiniPrix again :d I’ll show them to you as soon as they arrive.
  • Hayky announced on her blog’s facebook group that H&M and New Yorker will open stores in November in Iasi at Palas. I’m so excited that I’ve started saving money.
  • I translated the page About into English (it was in Romanian).

I think this is all for the moment. I want to eat something delicious. Any ideas?

Dusty roads

a part of Hungover


a part of Hungover

a part of Hungover

with Corina, Bianca, Sabina and Paula

with Raluca

and finally my favorite

(top-Kenvelo, bolero-Stradivarius, jeans-Bershka, vintage watch, ring-MeliMelo)

Hi, blog! Like I said yesterday, I went to a concert in Dublin Pub. Hungover and Heal sang (two high-school rock bands). I had a great time, though I didn’t enjoy the music sung by Heal (heavy-metal), but the one sung by Hungover was nice.

I think that’s all. Now I’m going to do some homework for tomorrow, watch 90210 and read ♥

You can take back your memories

I love the dress

I want a blouse like this too <3

I like this combination

I like the boots, but the jacket seems cheap

love her blazer

lovely boots and skinny jeans, but I hope the fur is fake

is the coat Chanel? :d

I uploaded it because I love her make-up, hair and boots :d

the clutch makes the outfit

this dress is very original and interesting


Hi, blog and sorry for not being very active lately, but I had a lot of things to do. At Physics I didn’t get a 9, but a 8 and the Maths and Chemistry tests went well. Today I had only 5 classes and after school I watched two 90210 episodes. I’m at 2×12. I have had this pictures in my computer for weeks, but never had time to show them to you, my beloved readers. Now I’m going to do some homework for Maths and Physics and after that I have to get ready because I’m getting out this evening with some friends: Concert in Dublin Pub tonight. Can’t wait!

Later ♥

P.S.: New post on RacoMania!



Hey guys, this is my first vlog in my life. I’ve made it because I had to post a video where I speak about myself on Grow’s Facebook group. I was a little bit nervous and I’ve been repeating what I should say five times before starting recording, haha. Like usual I’m gonna bullet for you my news:

  • My Physics test yesterday went good. I hope I’ll get a 9.
  • Yesterday I watched on Diva Universal a new Midsomer Murders episode that was great! I’ve been in love with this series for three years and I’ve seen almost all episodes. It was about an old man that wants to make a child with his daughter/granddaughter. This is a big incest! Bleah. Some people are really insane.
  • Yesterday I started downloading season 3 of 90210 because now I’m at 2×5 :)
  • For the moment I don’t have a curtain at my window because my father disassembled its support. The other house needs it.
  • Today took part the Maths contest „Adolf Haimovici” and I was the 4th in my region, but I got no prise, just a mention. The exercises had average difficulty.
  • Today the Grow project started and the 1st training was so much fun!
  • I have no homework for Monday, that’s great, but I have to study for two tests next week: Maths and Chemistry.
  • Yesterday I finished reading the 5th Vampire Diaries book. Was really nice. When I’ll finish the mini-novel by Mircea Eliade, „The Snake” I’ll write a Romanian post about them. I also want to write on RacoMania again soon. I have two topics!

Ok, I think this is all for now. I’m going to watch 90210. Later!