Robin Hood series (2006)

Yesterday I finished watching the first season of BBC’s series: „Robin Hood”. The episodes don’t respect the books (at least two writers wrote different books about the outlaw), but still the events were very entertaining. I’ve said this before: I like very much Guy of Gisborne, though he is the bad guy in the story. He really loves Marian and he’s extremely handsome, so this makes me like him more than Robin. Don’t think I’m on the evil side because I still prefer justice. He (Gisborne) abandons his own child in the woods and this I didn’t like. Ok, here’s the story:

Robin Hood and his pal Much return from the Holy Land, where they fought with  Kind Richard against the Turks. They find in Locksley chaos which was entertained by the Sheriff and his right hand, Sir Guy of Gisborne. Robin tries to help the people, but he breaks the law so he and his crew become outlaws who live in the Sherwood Forest. One day, Robin finds out that Guy was sent by the Sheriff in the Holy Land to kill the king and he becomes mad: nobody believes him. The tattoo on Guy’s arm was his proof, but the Sheriff uses Djack’s liquor to burn it. That potion was able to burn iron (so imagine Guy’s pain). Marian, that tries to help people without being an outlaw, is masked in the Night Watchman. She was Robin’s fiancée before he went to war, but now, she has to accept the engagement with Sir Guy. Her only condition was the marriage will take place in the day the king returns. The sheriff plans a scam and he announces the return of the king to catch the nobles that are traitors. In the same time, Guy and Marian had to get married. Two days before the wedding, Marian as the Night Watchman tries to rob Gisborne, but he steps her in the belly. Robin and Djack help her to get well. In the day with the wedding, Marian finds out the sheriff’s scam and that Guy attempted to King Richard’s life and she runs away from the church with Robin. They also succeed in fooling the sheriff and save Marian’s father.

Here’s the soundtrack, very energizing song:

pictures via facebook and video via youtube


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