New Room

Hi, my beloved readers!

All the blogs I read take a break because their owners are gone on holiday: Nora is in Turkey, Kristiana in Latvia, Hedda in Spain, Steffi and Doina in Italy. I’m the only one that stays home, but… in a new house. On Saturday we moved. Everything here is beautiful: it’s quiet, it’s sunny and I have a lot of space for all my stuff: five rooms, the basement and the attic. My room is the warmest and the sunniest in the house, hehe :P and it’s really big compared with the old one I had when I was living in a block of flats. My neighbors have a friendly tomcat that I love and in the front yard I can go rollerblading.  I can see the city from my balcony or the airport from the expanded platform. I’ll show you just my room, because the rest of my house is personal.


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