Water For Elephants

Yesterday me and Florentina went to the mall to watch „Water For Elephants” with Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christopher Waltz (Austrian actor) at the cinema. I loved it and it was a drama, but, fortunately, with a happy ending.

Jacob is a Polish young man who wants to become a good vet, but in the day with the exam he is announced by the police that his parents died in a car crush. Their family is also broken. He leaves his city and while he was walking, a train passes by. He climbs into it and he’s greeted by a Polish old man who promises Jacob he’ll help him get a job. In the morning, Jacob finds out he hit upon the circus. He gets a job as a vet there when he approaches that Silver, a white horse which was the circus’ main attraction, is ill and in a lot of pain. The director of the circus, August, doesn’t want Silver to be shot to stop the horse’s pain because it brings lots of money, but Jacob goes over his will and kills the animal with Marlena’s, August’s wife, agreement. August wants to throw Jacob out of the train in the drive, but he can’t because Jacob saw the animals are fed with bad food and he could tell the people. So, Jacob is still the vet of the circus. One day, August buys an elephant, Rosie, to make more money and he puts Jacob to look after her and to train her. Jacob can’t train her well, so cruel August hits her to blood two times. While Jacob was cleaning Rosie’s cuts, he discovers she understands Polish and he tells August. After this, the circus is again rich.

During this time, Jacob and Marlena fall in love with each other, but August realizes this and he insults his wife, calling her a slut. She hits him, he hits her, Jacob wants to protect her, but he’s hit by August’s men. Marlena runs away with Jacob, but they are found by August’s men who beat Jacob again and take Marlena with them. Jacob returns to the circus for Marlena and finds out his old friend, Camel, the Polish guy and his roommate, Walter, were killed by August’s men. Two of their friends want to revenge their palls and while the circus is having a show, they set free all the wild animals. Jacob runs to save Marlena from the arena, but August fights him again. Marlena climbs down Rosie and hits August with a bat, but he takes it and strangles Marlena. Jacob tries to rebuff, but August’s men hit him again. Rosie, who feels the danger her masters were into, inserts a stake in August’s backhead with her trunk. After August’s death, the circus was broken, but Jacob and Marlena get married, have five kids and work for another circus with Rosie too.


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