We Love To Fight

Hello, my fine readers! What do you say about a random post and a mini photobomb?

:d a week before

brunch yesterday: cupcake and cappuccino

these babes (+ my roller skates and the rope) are my best friends this spring break :d


new Orange router

view from a balcony

These days I was very busy:

  • on Thursday Sabina and Bianca came for two hours at my place to see the house and to bring me my NewLook order (I’ll show you soon)
  • also on Thursday I did two projects for my arts lessons about Gaudi and Bach and I have one more left about a famous photographer. Can you give me some ideas please?
  • yesterday I saw The Vampire Diaries 2×19, Klaus and I loved it! Boonie and Jeremy don’t appear at all and the attention is pointed to Elena, Elijah, Stefan, Damon and Klaus. Jenna finds out the truth and she’s very scared, Klaus gets out of Alaric’s body and enters his, we discover that Elijah loved Katherine, Damon becomes the bad boy again and fights with Stefan. Lots of exciting events! Can’t wait for the next episode next Friday.
  • yesterday and today I did a lot of housework with my parents and now all the house is in order. Me and Mum also cooked for Easter.
  • I started doing a lot of sport: I go roller skating, I jump the rope, I work on the bike and stepper, I go jogging in the yard. It feels really good and the results are visible.
  • I watched yesterday on television „Dansez pentru tine” (a tv show: „I dance for you”) and I’m very sorry for Madalina Corduneanu because her case was very sad and she lives in my city and I’m very sorry for Augustin Viziru too because he and Aurora entered the duel.


Girls, I know we all love shoes more than clothes. Our heart melts just when we look at them in a shop, or in other girl’s foot. We’d buy shoes if we’d have money every day of our life. What do you say about these shoes?

from Carolinesmode


Debenhams (gorgeous!)

the GoldenDiamonds




Love Actually

Yesterday night I saw this wonderful movie called „Love Actually”, which is a romance and a comedy. Of course, at the end, I cried, but that’s me: very emotional. Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley and Rowan Atkinson in the same movie made it excellent! I laughed, cried and felt happy while watching this movie. With you want to cheer up, watch this film. I can’t tell you the story, because in this movie there are lots of people: the prime-minister falls in love with his assistance and she falls in love with her boss too; Colin’s character (I can’t remember names in general :() falls in love with his Portuguese house-keeper and they marry; Liam Neeson’s character’s wife dies, but he manages to get over it and be a good father for his step son, who’s in love with an American eleven year old girl. He also meets another woman; an old rock star takes the first place in tops and he realizes that the closest person to him is his manager and a lot of another beautiful love stories. Everything it is about love. I hardly recommend „Love Actually”!

New Room

Hi, my beloved readers!

All the blogs I read take a break because their owners are gone on holiday: Nora is in Turkey, Kristiana in Latvia, Hedda in Spain, Steffi and Doina in Italy. I’m the only one that stays home, but… in a new house. On Saturday we moved. Everything here is beautiful: it’s quiet, it’s sunny and I have a lot of space for all my stuff: five rooms, the basement and the attic. My room is the warmest and the sunniest in the house, hehe :P and it’s really big compared with the old one I had when I was living in a block of flats. My neighbors have a friendly tomcat that I love and in the front yard I can go rollerblading.  I can see the city from my balcony or the airport from the expanded platform. I’ll show you just my room, because the rest of my house is personal.