You changed my life and all my goals

Hello, dears! How are you doing? I’m home, still in pyjamas, listening to Paramore – The only exception and trying not to be angry on my f#$%ing Internet connection which is very low. That’s why I blog rarely now.

I cut my hair on Friday and my hairdresser gave me these two hair products. I didn’t use them yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll tell you if they’re good. How do you like my new hair-cut? BTW, the shirt is Bershka, if you want to know. I bought it last summer because I liked the lace on the shoulders.

On Friday I had my semestrial test paper at Physics and surprise! I hope I’ll get a 10! I also had my first oral German exam and I got 15/15 points! Yay! On Tuesday I’ll have the written one so wish me luck. Next week I’ll also have my semestrial test papers at Romanian and Maths, which sucks a lot :( But I’m looking forward to finish them and then I’ll be free. Finally free (with three projects to do)!

Yesterday noon, after my debate classes, I watched The Vampire Diaries season finale which was great! Of course Damon is saved and I’m very glad Stefan sacrificed himself for his oldest brother. That was very impressive and nice of him. „Elena kissed Damon” was all over Twitter and YouTube, haha and the scene was so sweet, I swear! But some persons think she kissed him because she thought he’s dying; that’s pity and not love. But I’m sure Elena loves Damon a lot. Maybe as much as she loves Stefan, or more. After this kiss, if she returns to Stefan, all my good opinion about her will change into a bad one. But she can’t return to Stefan if he’s gone with Klaus and he became a villain and a  ripper. Ok, enough of TVD. But one thing to be clear: the last episode didn’t suck at all and I can’t wait for season 3 in September.

Yesterday evening I watched with mum on Cinemax 2 „Pride and Prejudice” (2005) with Keira Knightley and after this Eurovision on TVR 1. But for these, I’ll write different posts.

Later ♥

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