I wasn’t even searching for love

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I’m getting better at this

Maybe you don’t know, but I love cooking. When our guests came, my mum asked for my help in the kitchen.  We made lots of things, but I took only these two pictures with my phone. I love sushi, it’s one of my favorite dishes.

What kind of sushi do you like most?


Hello, pals. What’s up? In the pictures you can see what I’m taking with me. Tomorrow very early in the morning I’m leaving town again for a week. I don’t have free Wi-Fi at the hotel so I have to schedule some posts for you now. This won’t be a problem because I have a lot of material. So stay tuned and check my blog every single day!

I’m planning to have a great time: visit the city, eat delicious food, take photos, maybe I’ll shop a little :D I really have to enjoy my last week of freedom: when I come back I start taking German lessons again and after a week, school starts.  I’m not looking forward to it, but what can I do?