Victoria by Victoria Beckham

I’ve found these on Vogue London:

It is not the entire collection, but the items I liked the most.

School started and with it the wake-up at 6 am, coming home at 8:30 pm, the stress, homework and extracurricular projects. I’m very busy with homework, German classes, German homework, reading and other stuff like that (I mean school stuff) now and I just can’t post every day and I apologize for that. Hopefully the weekend will be relaxed: I’ll just have to read, extra work for German, do my homework and finish a very important project and… SLEEP. And maybe apply for IasiMun this year.

BTW, two more days and I’ll be sitting home in my bed and watch the 90210 season premiere, but the most important: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Oh, I just can’t wait! I feel happy just when I think about that moment.

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