Before you kill me, take a look at yourself

Hello, guys! How are you doing?

I prevent you, this is a post about me :D This week there are the school days so our schedule is a bit different. Monday after classes was the school dance; yesterday was free, but I had to go to school to attend these awards. On the picture you can see me and my team in this project. We created the site: Today my class had an activity with children from the fifth grade and I was the photographer. This was an opportunity for me to realize how old I am. I mean… they are born in 2000 and they called me „ma’am”! Tomorrow the ones from my class that study German will present projects (mine is about tourism in Switzerland and Austria), I’m again the photographer in another activity and in the evening there’s a concert. Friday starts IasiMUN conference and I have to prepare my opening speech. And learn a lot for next week. Hope I can handle everything.



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