My heart is stalwart

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Hello, people! How are you all doing today? I started my day being very lazy and sleepy, but, in the end, everything went fine. After school, I cleaned up my house, had lunch and here I am. After finishing this post and watching a SATC episode (today I start season three because I’ve finished Robin Hood) I’ve got to read a story and maybe do some homework for school tomorrow. Anyways, it’s just a normal day (not a very busy one fortunately).

About these amazing flats: what do you girls think? My favs are 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 13. I find flats the most feminine and pretty shoes a girl can wear. I mean they are comfortable and fit with everything: jeans, skirts, shorts or dresses. I have five pairs of flats and I just can’t get enough, you know? hahaha

Entends le tonnerre de la vengeance

These are the people involved in the exchange with Italy.

I don’t have much to say, this weekend was very chill, done some homework (especially maths) and now I’m gonna do some German while listening to music. Tonight I’m going to the opera to see my fav, ‘Don Giovanni’ by Mozart, with some classmates. Can’t wait because I haven’t been to the opera since November I think. Whatever, don’t forget to join my E.L.F giveaway!

First Giveaway! – ended

Sorry, girls, but I don’t know how to ship worldwide yet :D, so this giveaway is just for Romanian people.

Premiul consta intr-o pudra bronzanta de la E.L.F-eyes.face.lips (daca giveaway-ul va avea succes, voi face si altele cu premii mai bogate pe viitor). Castigatorul va fi anuntat in data de 5 februarie 2012, deci aveti o saptamana la dispozitie si va fi ales cu

Ce aveti de facut pentru a castiga:

1. urmariti-mi blog-ul via e-mail (buton in dreapta jos);

2. lasati un comentariu la acest post cu un nickname si adresa de e-mail (si ce va place la blog-ul meu).


Folle, tu cries en vain

The day before yesterday, me and my bffs had after school a little photo shoot. This is a scheduled post so I guess now I’m in my physics class. Boooooring! Whatever, I can’t wait to get home (at 6:30 pm :|) and watch the new TVD and relax! Weekend, babe, weekend! TOMORROW I’M GONNA POST SOMETHING NEW FOR MY BLOG, SO I’M VERY EXCITED. CYA THEN!

E.L.F products

Hello, guys! How are you doing? :)

The day before yesterday I received my order from E.L.F-eyes.face.lips. Maybe you remember I asked you if their cosmetics are good. In the first picture (sorry for the bad quality – phone made) there is all the stuff I ordered (also for classmates). I only bought the eye transformer kit and the serum. The powder is Giordani for Oriflame (have made a change with my bff). I don’t like compacts at all, that’s why she gave it to me. I love using a soft brush in the morning when I finish my make-up; and the face doesn’t look like flour, if you know what I mean. But back to the E.L.F products! Surprising, but they’re very good, though their price is very cheap. I’m very satisfied, that’s why I’ll order more in the future. The night serum is for spots, for having a clean face. The eye transformer kit is such a brilliant thing: you apply it before putting on the eye shadow and you get a brand new color (darker or lighter).

I’m glad I told you about this American brand, I recommend it, but now I have to go: after watching another Robin Hood episode and replying to an e-mail, I have to do maths and physics for tomorrow :(