You treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough

Today I went with my mum to this event in my city called Cucuteni 5000, a nice market

I got myself some French lemon beer, delicious!

oh and these are my recent purchases: handmade face soap, handmade bow, Ivatherm thermal water and Rimmel London foundation

I’m very fanatic when it comes to Germany, so yeah…

and my lovely Mesut Özil during the national anthem

Well, I have to admit, my dear readers, that these days were not typical for holiday. I am very sad sometimes and very tired; I just want to sleep and chill, but I do have to learn some German and finish a book. However I cannot pull myself together and finish my tasks unfortunately. I mean what’s wrong with me? I’m acting like in school time… Do you feel this kind of pressure too?

About the foundation: I’m not being very rich at the moment, so I had to choose a cheap one. Stay Matte by Rimmel London I used two years ago and I was very pleased back then. Now I’m just pleased :) Maybe because I expect better things… About the thermal water (and I’ll make it short for you): BRILLIANT for my skin. You should really try it sometimes! About the handmade soap: very moisturizer and with a very nice smell.

Un gând despre „You treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough

  1. STAY Matte e excelent
    Vreau sa te anunt ca am facut o chestie

    Am creat primul meu joc, CU MANUTA MEA se numeste Hotel “Paloma Roja”

    Esti un roman, somer care e nevoit sa emigreze in Mexic unde incepe sa lucreze pentru traficantii de DROGURI.

    Intr-o noapte ploua torential si tu ramai fara tigari. TU alegi ce vrei sa faci si jocul are peste 7 finaluri DIFERITE.

    Nu trebuie sa il descarci, il joci direct de pe net. Nu-ti pun link-ul aici ca ma baga la spami
    Daca vrei sa il joci intra pe blogul meu GoodgameFelicia (wordpress) si vezi ca ai link acolo (pe prima pagina)

    –Cu drag, Felicia

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