1st of June

  • I received this book for girls from Granny. It’s really helpful and big (600 pages). I’ve read until now about 120 pages, I like it and *surprise* I’ve found out new things.
  • The chocolate from dad is delicious.
  • My parents also gave me some money and I’ll choose how to spend them. I think I’ll order/buy some clothes. I really want a hat and I really need a summer dress.
  • Mum made strawberry ice cream yesterday which was yummy! I had a picture of it, but thanks to Photoscape, I can’t see it anymore :( It looked very nice.
  • Tomorrow after school I’m hanging out with Flavia, we’ll have lunch and watch „The Pirates of the Caribbean 4” at the cinema and on Sunday I’m going to a party.
  • This week I got an 10 at Geography, Informatics and Maths and tomorrow I have a test at Maths and to present a project at German about Nurnberg City which I’ve visited three times.
  • I’ve started watching „Sex and the City” the series and I’m at 01×06. I like it and I want to watch the next seasons too. They’re six, aren’t they?
  • I’m also watching on TV CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Criminal Minds and Midsomer Murders and I adore them all.
  • Now I have to go to repeat my German project and study a little for Maths tomorrow. Yucks!