Forever can begin

mini perfume by AVON; it smells like vanilla and berries and grapes lip-balm

my outfit on first day of Easter: shirt-Marks&Spancer, T-shirt-Zara TRF, handmade skirt, no-name tights and shoes, AVON jewelry, headband-MeliMelo, vintage white watch


Hello, reader! Finally I can blog! ♥ I was very stressed lately because of an Informatics test I had yesterday. It wasn’t very hard though, so I hope I’ll get a good grade. I’ll keep you in touch. I still am very stressed and I’ll be for three weeks because I’ll have my semestrial tests, other tests and projects. In the morning today I wrote my Maths, Physics and German homework and soon I have to study for a Logic test on Wednesday. I also read some chapters from a book called „The Perfume” about a serial killer. Tomorrow I have to write an essay about mum for Romanian and to study Chemistry. Starting today I have television again (more than six channels, like I’ve been having for a month) so I hope I’ll watch some movies on HBO, HBO Comedy, Cinestar and others. I’m also very glad I have Boomerang so I can watch Hanna-Barbera cartoons that I love, like Scooby-Doo, The Flinstones, Tom&Jerry in their original language, English :D

Yesterday I watched The Vampire Diaries 02×20 which was great! I really can’t wait for the next episode and I’m very sad because this season is almost over :( Will Jenna be a vampire, but the most important thing: Is Damon going to die because of the were-wolf bite?! This cannot be possible! Damon’s the reason everybody watches TVD. Besides he’s gorgeous and sexy, his love for Elena is very strong and everybody hopes they’ll be together some day. He can’t die! I wonder what’s going to happen next because we have to remember that Rose died because a were-wolf bite. If Damon dies, I’m not going to watch the series anymore! And there’s no reason for Ian Somerhalder to give up the part because it brings him love, fame and money for ISF.

I’m also very happy Augustin Viziru didn’t leave the contest yesterday at „Dancing for you”. I like him a lot :D

So remember I’m very busy and maybe sometimes I will not be able to blog.


skirt and shirt: Stradivarius, no name tights, accessories: MeliMelo

denim shirt: Gap, T-shirt: S. Oliver, black pants: Orsay, ballerinas: New Yorker,beads: Avon

I had the first outfit on Sunday at Grow’s Closing Ceremony and the second one at Grow’s last party. I censored my face in the second picture because it was taken at 1 A.M. and I was very tired.

Denisa’s Birthday

On the 16th of April was Denisa’s birthday. She is my oldest friend and she is 17 now! I went to her place yesterday and we had so much fun: make-up, movie, lots of food and of course, lots of pictures:

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I am everywhere

this is a natural face cream my grandma gave me last weekend. it smells beautiful and it’s also paraben free!

I bought this shirt in Stradivarius on Friday

Simina gave me this bag for cosmetics yesterday when I went at her place. it’s not that big as it seems in the photo

Hi, blog! I have bad news: starting tomorrow I’ll have access on the internet only from my phone because, as I’ve said before, I’m moving to a new house in two weeks so my father stopped the contract. I’ll have no television and home phone either (for friends: call me only on my mobile phone, haha). I know it sucks so I downloaded lately a lot of movies :d and I hope I’ll also read a lot. Though, follow me on twitter and facebook (you can view my tweets in the left side of my blog if you don’t have a twitter account). The next article will be written when I’ll be already installed in the new home ♥ And believe me, I’ll post a lot then because I’ll have photos from the Grow project, photos with my room and all kind of stuff like this. Maybe about some operas, books and movies, too. But, now:

  • My grades are screwed and I’m hardly trying to fix them up.
  • On Friday I’ll have an English test-paper.
  • Today I put in two boxes the books from my library and took me an hour or less.
  • I finished 90210 season 2 and I like it!
  • I’m looking forward to watch soon the new Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl episodes.

Ok, guys, I think that’s all for the moment. To all my readers: remember that I love and you’re special. See you in two weeks!