Your hands through your hair

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This is one of the outfits that Doina Ciobanu wore recently for Paris Fashion Week. I was amazed when I saw on her blog this combination, especially because I’m in love with black lace.

this is an outfit that I would totally wear!

very girlie combination

I love her dress and the moustache necklace

the dress is sooooooo fabulous!

I love her brogues, her skinny beige jeans, her striped blouse and the trench coat

this might be an weird combination, a little bit gothic, but again: the black lace is so beautiful!

I love her shirt!

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I’m ready to do whatever if you take me away

panorama from last week when I went to that event with my parents

im Deutsch kurs

lately I haven’t been stressed and this is one of the reasons

wine with cinnamon, yummm!

Hello, peeps and sorry for not posting yesterday as I use to. Here are some phone made pictures; a mini photobomb. Today I’ve been sick so I was sent home after two classes. For ten days I’ll be really busy with German, but I’ll try to keep up with the blog. I have already some posts to go in my mind. Now I’m just gonna relax and watch the latest episode from Gossip Girl. Oh, and speaking of tv series, did I mention that I restarted to watch season two from The Vampire Diaries? Yeah, no comment.

I almost can’t remember who this boy might be

Here are three outfits based on lace from carolinesmode and fashionjunkiie, two of my fav blogs. I’ve made a passion lately for lace, especially for the black one. What do you guys think about the pics? Do you like lace? And tell me more about you in a comment because all I hear now is about school (the end of the semester) and Christmas.

His eyes on me

These are a couple of photos my friend Flavia took on Monday of me and Florentina presenting a project during the biology class. The presentation was about sexual education.

I warn you it’s possible that I won’t be able to blog the next days. My excuse: I’m busy (as usual). For the next week I have to prepare for an interview and do three projects (History, Business class and Chemistry), homework and study. And I’ve been accepted to IasiMUN conference which takes place in November (I represent Germany, yaaay!) and I have to be a good delegate and inform myself. Tomorrow I also have another presentation with my team: a sites contest at 1 o’ clock. On Friday after school I have German classes and on Saturday I want to go see the stalls in the center of the town. So yes, I’m a busy girl :)

Bye now, I’m off to eat my dinner.

Blogs I follow

Maybe you want to see the blogs I’ve got inspiration from.

  • EvoDani: he writes about his feelings and wishes, about what he sees and likes (in Romanian)
  • Dragos: he’s my ex-classmate and writes about the soul (in Romanian)
  • Twinky: she has a unusual type of blogging, but it’s very interesting to imagine while reading her blog (in Romanian)
  • Liv: she’s also my ex-classmate and she has an ironical way to express things. She blogs about books, movies, tv series and thoughts (in Romanian)
  • Roxana: she blogs about different things like: health and life style (in Romanian)


  • Doina Ciobanu: she’s a 16 years old fashion blogger living in Chisinau, Moldova. She dresses very beautiful (in English)
  • Hayky: is a 19 year old blogger living in the same city to me. I love her style (in English)
  • Kristiana: is a 17 year old Latvian fashion blogger living in Luxembourg. I love her outfits and she always shows what she buys (in English)
  • Steffi: is a 16 year old girl also living in Luxembourg whose blog is really nice (in English)
  • Nora: is a 16 year old girl also living in Luxembourg. She updates a lot and she’s very beautiful (in English)
  • FashionJunkiie: I don’t really know many things about this girl, but her outfits are very stylish and simple. (in Norwegian-but I use a translator)
  • Hedda: is a Norwegian girl that blogs about fashion, too (in English)
  • Ece: is a 16 year old girl living in Frankfurt, Germany. She also owns a fashion blog (in German and English)
  • Caroline: this is a serious fashion blog. It’s updated very often. (in English)
  • Hanneli: a serious fashion blog, too (in English)
  • FashionToast: serious fashion blog and she has very eccentric outfits (In English)