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Hello, everybody! Again! Did you miss me? Do you like the new interface of my blog? :) It’s a big change for me: from black to white, two columns and ads. Actually, I wanted to delete my blog, because I don’t feel it helps me, but then I thought about it and WHAT THE HELL I LOVE BLOGGING! So here I am again and let’s hope for good. I want to post more often my outfits and I’ll try to focus on lifestyle. That’s why I’ll start using my tripod.

What’s new: in March I’m travelling to Italy, in Bergamo for one week because my school is involved in an exchange. I’ll travel by plane for the first time in my life, I’ll visit Venice and maybe Milan. You can imagine how excited I am!

Today, after school, I had my German test which went well, I’d say, so I’m very tired. Do you know something about the E.L.F. – EyesFaceLips products? I ordered some stuff on their web-site. Hopefully, they’ll have a good quality. For tomorrow I have plans: shopping, bff party and sleep-over. It’ll be fun, I’m sure. I’m off to watch the new TVD episode and then to sleep. Good night, everybody!

You’re the king of everything

Hello, blog! Wow, honestly I don’t really miss you, but the main problem is the lack of time. This is why I post so rarely. I’m done with my intensive German classes, but on the 10th of October I start the extensive ones again (twice a week, 1 hour and a half per day). My A2 exam result is SEHR GUT, which means my score is between 90 and 100 points (don’t know exactly) and I’m very proud.

This weekend was boring. I mean I didn’t do something special, except relaxing and sleeping a lot. Friday after school I cooked and watched the latest Vampire Diaries episode; yesterday I wrote an essay, met a friend at my place, watched two movies on HBO Comedy and read; and today I watched on HBO the Emmys Awards, read Elle, studied biology and here I am, listening to music on my phone and blogging. Next I’m gonna print some pictures and do a project for my Entrepreneurial Education class (something like management, economy, I dunno) about a Romanian business man.

This week gonna suck a lot because all my initial test papers will take place. Hopefully, after this, things will be ok and I’ll be able to post more often. Though it’s Sunday, I already look forward for the weekend, but until then: Tuesday – Gossip Girl season premiere, Wednesday – 90210 season 4, episode 3 and Friday – The Vampire Diaries season 3, episode 3, haha.

P.S.: I’ll schedule a couple of post for the next days in case I’ll be busy.

Independent Fashion Bloggers

As you can see, in the left side of my blog is a new badge: the independent fashion bloggers’ one. I applied yesterday and today I received the confirmation: I’m in! I’m so so so happy and proud of myself :D This site’s administrator checked my blog and liked it! So I’ll continue to do the same things as I did before, maybe something better. All I can say it’s that I have lots of material and the most important thing: ENTHUSIASM! And when I think that one year ago, when I started blogging, I didn’t want to post fashion articles too…

About my blog

Ok, short post, in case you’re interested: Am ales wordpress-ul pentru ca blogspot nu-mi place cum suna, dar mai ales pentru ca am auzit ca WP e mai bun. Mi-am facut blog din nevoia de a ma exprima si pentru ca imi place sa scriu. Scriu despre ce vad, citesc si fac. Nu sa scriu tampenii despre IT sau ultimele telefoane aparute pe piata pentru ca nu ma pricep si m-as plictisi. Daca veti intalni cateva comentarii ici-colo, dar in niciun caz review-uri. Incerc sa am cat mai putine greseli gramaticale si de ortografie, daca mai intalniti cateva, fiti blanzi.