What are these strange, terrible shapes approaching me?

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Hello, everybody! How are you all doing? I want to apologize for not posting every day like I usually do, but I’m sick (yes, not busy this time, but sick!). Here in Iasi are around -20′C so I’ve been freezing every morning on my way to school. So you can imagine that all I want to do is to sleep.

I have no news to write. Just the fact that on Saturday me and three friends are going to Suceava, another city in Romania, to do some shopping. I can’t wait to visit C&A, Terranova and New Yorker because I need a new pair of jeans. Now I’m gonna take off to watch another SATC episode. I have no idea what then… maybe some homework :(

I posted here a few pictures of some shoes I’m in love with. What do you think about them?

New in

I’ve forgotten to show you these: bracelet from my Godmother and H&M lipbalm from a friend

Takko top

Flo&Jo wool sweater (it’s actually brown)

coat (in love)

C&A cardigan

my first corset from my mum

These are my latest purchases. When my ELF order arrives, I’m gonna make a review.

I spent my morning watching The Golden Globes on HBO and I’ve decided to watch more movies. I’ve actually started to download some so stay tuned for some articles tomorrow :) Soon I’m gonna take off and I’m trying to convince my self to wear my grey heels. Soon or later I’m gonna have to wear them this winter ‘cause they are unique model and I love them.

His face is like the map of the world

On Monday, when my friend Corina slept over at my place, we had a nocturnal photo shoot at 12 PM. It was scary, but at the same time, a lot of fun. Have a look:

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orange shorts – Mango, denim shirt – Gap, rose shaped ring – Orsay, white hat (mum’s) – C&A

Anemia, anorexia, bulimia, amnezia

Da, sufar de toate cate putin. Lasand gluma, sunt anemica: ametesc foarte des si mi se incetoseaza privirea, am lipsa de calciu si asta pentru ca nu mananc deloc fructe si legume crude din an in Paste. Nici dupa peste sau carne de porc/vita nu ma innebunesc eu, sincer. In general mi se face rau seara, ziua sunt bine.

Azi m-am dus pentru a doua oara la aerobic si pot spune ca sunt TERMINATA!!! In viata mea nu m-au durut muschii asa si n-am transpirat niciodata atat! De acum nu ma mai duc la antrenoarea aia. Eu sunt incepatoare, nu pot sa ma misc chiar la nivelul cerut de ea. Aveam tricoul ud leoarca! Ma mai duc poimaine. Daca ma pot ridica din pat.

Poza cu Denisa si cu mine de acum o luna.

Poza de ieri, cand am iesit cu 11 copii prin Podu’ Ros’. De la stanga la dreapta: Alexandra, Teddy, eu, Bl si Vlad.

Ea e o pisicuta mica si cam necajita de la mine de la bloc. Nu e foarte frumoasa, dar e prietenoasa.



Notre Dame de Poitiers

Notre Dame de Poitiers 2



Poze de saptamana trecuta cand am fost la biliard. Am castigat de cateva ori, dar doar pentru ca au bagat ele bila neagra in buzunarul gresit. Nu ma pricep foarte bine la biliard deoarece joc de putin timp si rar, dar imi place mult.


Niste poze din iunie cu motanul Codita de la tara. Phone-made again.

Si in sfarsit poze cu ce mi-a adus mama din Franta.

gel de dus Hello Kitty cu aroma de mure, H&M

cercei, Camaieu

rochita mov tricotata, C&A

Rochita este putin deasupra genunchilor si o voi purta la balul bobocilor din noiembrie. Yaaay, can’t wait!

Mi-am instalat skype: sabina.dumitriu