I don’t know if I have the strength to stand

  1. mate + chipsuri + homemade cuba libre
  2. @C House Cafe Lounge: cel mai bun frappe clasic ever
  3. ceaiul meu preferat: soc + un plic de zahar + o felie de lamaie + rom
  4. selfie
  5. briose @Moo Cafe&Bakery
  6. ice tea cu fructe to go @C House Cafe Lounge

  1. holul facultatii de info
  2. prajiturim
  3. vin cu portocale @time out
  4. vin @Papillon
  5. Agatha Christie’s: Hercule Poirot
  6. cafe latte to go

  1. placinta+ceai=gustarea perfecta
  2. trufe belgiene cu portocale
  3. motanul adorabil si alintat al vecinilor
  4. chiar acum, scriind acest post pe terasa
  5. selfie
  6. Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid: 1-2

Chiar acum, scriind aceste randuri, ma bucur de vremea perfecta pentru un inceput de mai pe terasa de acasa, la un ceai. Din pacate, mini vacanta mea nu poate sa fie atat de placuta pe cat mi-o doresc, deoarece am multe proiecte de finalizat si de invatat pentru tezele care incep chiar saptamana viitoare (in forta cu romana). E Vinerea Mare, asa ca nu am nimic planuit in afara de a sta acasa si a ajuta la terminarea curateniei si la gatit pentru duminica. Poate insa o sa dau o fuga pana in oras sa-mi iau o revista… Ca tot veni vorba de relaxare, am terminat cele patru sezoane din White Collar si il astept cu nerabdare pe al cincilea din octombrie si sunt la zi acum cu The Borgias, un serial foarte bun, dar care ma sperie ingrozitor, gandindu-ma ca este inspirat din realitate. Am inceput Pretty Little Liars si pare promitator, pe gustul meu. Aveti si alte sugestii pentru viitor? :D Acum fug la proiectul la germana, insa nu inainte de a va lasa si o melodie, asa cum v-am obisnuit:

Autumn InstaDiary

I realized I have been lazy not only with blogging, but also with Instagram this month. So I need to apologize for that and promise that I’ll TRY to post more regularly. I’ll explain the pictures you can see in the collage and then I’ll go start my Maths, Physics and German homework for tomorrow.

  1. studying for my first test this year: a Romanian one
  2. Lana del Rey in my city, yay!
  3. chocolate cupcakes made by Simina and tea at school
  4. proud to be a student at my highschool, haha
  5. last Friday before school started: went out with my bff for some drinks in @Acaju
  6. on Monday it was Mesut Özil’s 24th birthday!
  7. cappuccino and maths
  8. Elle – the October issue
  9. watching Sevilla – Real Madrid
  10. me and Simina on our trip
  11. The Germany NT arrangement at the match against Ireland
  12. shopping list
  13. me and Simina at a party
  14. maths & sweets
  15. I got my glasses back!
  16. maths notebook
  17. cafe latte, mints and school
  18. me and Katy
  19. pizza!
  20. Elle – the september issue

Nicht schlecht fur ein Madchen

  1. me in the car on my way to Paris
  2. cute cats at the countryside
  3. French biscuits and tea
  4. handsome Tom Hardy
  5. packing for countryside
  6. me and my cousin before going to bed
  7. I don’t really like Oreos
  8. new hair
  9. reading Great Gatsby
  10. @hairdresser
  11. Lucrezia & Cesare Borgia
  12. dinner in Oradea
  13. on my way to Bucharest
  14. sushi & maki
  15. my love, Özil

  1. The Vampire Diaries, Stefan’s Diaries, part 5
  2. watching Germany – Argentina
  3. Özil meeting Angela Merkel (God, how I wish I was her now)
  4. @hairdresser
  5. hot Christopher Uckermann
  6. eating a musli bar after gym
  7. Bane’s rising also in Bucharest
  8. Starbucks in Paris
  9. I love watermelon
  10. my phone screen – Tom Hardy
  11. paprika Lay’s, Kandia with biscuits and Skittles – healthy food haha
  12. Mesut Özil and his Ferrari
  13. wearing my Vans for the 1st time this year I think
  14. Vogue Paris + Laduree macaroons = ♥
  15. cardigan from Oysho – wish list

  1. lunch at Nordsee in Bucharest
  2. my back pack for gym – Adidas all the way
  3. homemade pizza at countryside
  4. The Vampire Diaries, Stefan’s Diaries, part 4
  5. cute funny Andrew Garfield
  6. me
  7. German chocolates – very good-looking
  8. Bane poster in Paris subway
  9. new love (m&ms) and old love (nachos)
  10. H&M back pack for gym
  11. new sandwich from KFC
  12. watching VH1
  13. Chinese noodles in Paris
  14. hot Chocolate
  15. Cafe Latte @Starbucks Nurnberg

  1. Rem by Mircea Cartarescu
  2. @gym
  3. @Pimkie Bucharest
  4. 7days coco nut
  5. coming home
  6. I just love Danish butter biscuits
  7. jasmine green tea, my favorite
  8. Chio Stickletti with cheese
  9. watching CSI: NY
  10. cute fat cat

Here’s a photodiary of July and August (so far) from my Instagram account. The title is in German and means „not bad for a girl”; it’s Mesut Özil’s last line from a Nike commercial :D