I’m not here for your entertainment

Today’s finally Friday! Maybe I’ve said it before, but starting with Sunday evening all I’m thinking about is Friday noon. After school I met mum and we went to Palas Mall. This was the first time she visited it. We had Chinese food for lunch and then we wanted to do a little shopping. It was a huge surprise for me to realise that I didn’t like anything, except from an electric blue dress from H&M and a pair of earrings from New Look. I didn’t buy anything, but the yellow phone case, which you can see in the picture above, because I didn’t need them. However, yesterday night I ordered two items from Mini Prix and I’m really looking forward to receiving them.

Now, I’m sitting in my room, watching the first game from Euro 2012  between Greece and Poland – very dynamic game. I really like watching football championships (don’t ask me why because I don’t know) and I hope Germany will win the trophy this year. About today? Go Poland and Czech Republic!

isn’t he just cute (and lazy)?

in my yard you can see different colors of roses: yellow, light and dark pink, red and orange

Update: 1-0 for Poland, yay!

Party everyday part 2

Petrecerea gemenelor de ieri

Cam atat din pozele mele, trebuie sa-mi mai dea si sarbatoritele din pozele lor :) Deci asteptati-va si la un post ‘Party everyday part 3’ haha. Da, fratilor, am baut, dar nu s-a imbatat chiar nimeni, am dansat mult, toate tipurile de muzica, chiar si pe mese, am mancat mancare chinezeasca, care mie, cel putin, mi-a placut foarte mult. Ne-am simtit bine. Multumit gemenelor pentru o seara de duminica de neuitat :) and hb again.