Tell them it’s me who made you sad

It’s finally weekend and I’m sooo glad! This week I had my semestrial test-paper at Chemistry and Romanian. That means: two more and HOLIDAY! At Physics I’m afraid, but no more fear at Maths. Yay! Next week it will be like hell, but I don’t care anymore.

Today I woke up at 9 :(, watched TV and, after helping my parents with the house work, went to the mall with a friend to buy the last Christmas presents for some friends. Returned home at 3/4 P.M and went for a walk with some another friends. That means I didn’t studied at all today, but it’s ok, tomorrow’s another day, too.

In the first picture are my new Leonardo boots (not really new, but :d) and in the second one all the presents that I’ve bought for family and friends. I love giving presents for Christmas, makes me feel useful, I don’t know…

Monday I’ll start posting some videos with carols,but now I’ll post something else.