Denisa’s Birthday

On the 16th of April was Denisa’s birthday. She is my oldest friend and she is 17 now! I went to her place yesterday and we had so much fun: make-up, movie, lots of food and of course, lots of pictures:

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Tonight you’re gonna break your one rule

Yesterday, me and mum went shopping to Selgros and this was our dinner: pizza, mini cake and milkshake. The recipe I’ve found on KristianaV’s blog (click!). Though I’ve had an idea about how to make a milkshake, I’ve never tried it before (I guess because of my laziness). Kristiana says we need milk and frozen fruits, beyond sugar, but I made it with yogurt and jam. I used two types of sugar: vanilla sugar and simple sugar. If you think that the yogurt is too solid, you’re wrong because the blender (I have a Tefal one, but the Brown ones are very good too) makes it very liquid.

We also bought this little thermos :)