New in: Cosmetics

(scuzati calitatea: phonemadee)

Mi-am luat un primer de la ELF (foarte bun mai ales cu paleta de la Too Faced; cu cea de la Naked Palette se intelege mai bine elixirul Urban Decay). Ceea ce ma deranjeaza putin e ca are sclipici si nu-l pot folosi cu fardurile mate. De ruj insa nu sunt chiar asa de multumita: culoarea e draguta, insa nu foarte pigmentata si trebuie sa aplic cateva straturi, care dupa putin timp sa strang pe buze. E adevarat ca nu ma pot astepta la o calitate prea mare de la un produs de 9 lei insa…

Din nou, tata a trecut pe la un DM in tara si i-am facut o lista de produse de care aveam nevoie: o sa incerc balsamul Garnier cu unt de shea si avocado pentru varfuri uscate (exact ce am nevoie! sa speram ca e mai bun decat sampoanele Garnier, care nu-mi priesc deloc), fixativul cu fixare ultra strong de la Taft (care miroase si foarte frumos), un deodorant si acetona :) Singura mi-am luat din farmacie apa micelara Ivatherm, care are un parfum divin, de piersici. Inca nu am apucat s-o incerc, pentru ca momentan trebuie sa termin apa demachianta No. 7 de la Boots pe care o am in varianta mini (si de care sunt super multumita!), insa am auzit aproape numai pareri bune despre ea. Am ezitat intre ea si una de la Vichy, insa mie firma din urma mi se pare putin comerciala si in general produsele nu au niciun efect asupra pielii mele. Oricum planuiesc sa incerc mai multe tipuri de ape micelare :)

Voi ce trucuri aveti pentru a va pastra pielea curata? Astept pareri.

Devilishly charming

My ELF order arrived a few days ago. Here is what I bought: two brushes (really needed) and a primer. The brushes are tiny, but really good. I recommend them! The powder one, compared with my old brush, which is bigger, spreads the powder all over the face and not just on a single place. Until now I used to think that a primer is a thing made for us to give more money, but this cheap ELF one showed me the contrary. It’s the best! My eyeshadow stays intact for more than 8 hours and this is AMAZING, especially because of the shape of my eyes. In the second picture you can see a new bracelet, a gift from my beloved aunt.

Changing the subject, today I had my last semestrial paper – the physics one and my last written German exam. Now I can’t wait to finish school, because I’m getting more and more tired every day. Four weeks left… My weekend is full and I’m glad about it. Hope the weather will be good as well. Enough with the writing now: movie time!

Zara cravings + giveaway winner!

Yesterday, because I had nothing interesting to do, I was getting bored on my iPad when I decided to check out Zara’s App. So I felt in love with these items and guess what:  they are also on sale! Maybe I’ll buy some of them tomorrow (if I find them in the store). decided that the winner of the E.L.F giveaway is comment number 7, meaning Florentina. Please contact me until Monday on my e-mail. If not, I’ll have to pick another winner (of course, also with

Doddering fool

This is just a random post with a few pictures taken with my iPad. I’m home, sick as f*ck, watching SATC or reading. Here in Iasi it has started snowing again (as if the -20 degrees wouldn’t be enough). A few days ago I rearranged the books in my room (foreign authors, Romanian authors or best-sellers) because I bought four new ones (I’ll show you soon).


First Giveaway! – ended

Sorry, girls, but I don’t know how to ship worldwide yet :D, so this giveaway is just for Romanian people.

Premiul consta intr-o pudra bronzanta de la E.L.F-eyes.face.lips (daca giveaway-ul va avea succes, voi face si altele cu premii mai bogate pe viitor). Castigatorul va fi anuntat in data de 5 februarie 2012, deci aveti o saptamana la dispozitie si va fi ales cu

Ce aveti de facut pentru a castiga:

1. urmariti-mi blog-ul via e-mail (buton in dreapta jos);

2. lasati un comentariu la acest post cu un nickname si adresa de e-mail (si ce va place la blog-ul meu).