Thank God I’m a woman

beautiful sunset

I love the beginning of March: my house is always full of beautiful flowers

Primark dress: perfect for Italy soon

this present made me very happy! it’s a Tiffany&Co silver necklace from the 925 collection

phone-made detail

cosmetics that I bought or received

Hello, peeps! How are you all doing? First of all, I want to say happy international women’s day to every single woman and girl on this planet! My day was pretty nice: school until 12, lunch with three friends, Sex and the city and now here I am: writing on my fabulous blog for my fabulous readers. Second, I want to apologize that all my lately posts were about movies or fashion and nothing was written about me. Well, I had a tough time and didn’t feel like sharing a thing. Fortunately, now I’m fine. Soon, after reading a few pages from „Gone with the wind”, I have to do some maths homework :( but there are only three exercises this time, so… yeah. In one of the pictures above you can see that I started „Coco Chanel”, but I had to drop it for Margaret Mitchell’s book, which is huge and I have for school.

Last weekend I had my German Olympiad. Unfortunately, I was the second one with 54/60 so I lost my change for the national stage. Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to represent Iasi. Well, that’s pretty much all I had to say. I’m off now.

Leave this mess behind

Iarna in Iasi.

Acum doua zile a fost Sfantul Nicolae. Am primit (de la mine) parfumul Eternal Magic pe care-l iubesc si pe care mi-l doresc de ceva timp si o fusta de la ai mei.

Perioada ce urmeaza va fi un calvar! Saptamana viitoare voi avea teza la fizica, trei teste, dintre care doua sunt la materii la care nu ma pricep deloc si de prezentat un proiect (pe care nu l-am facut). Vineri am teza la romana, iar peste 12 zile la mate. Voi avea, cu siguranta, timp foarte putin, daca nu chiar deloc, de blog :( Totusi, voi posta zilnic pe Twitter ;)