Facial routine

Face has always been the most important part of our body, in my opinion (even if some look at other parts first). My skin is not oily, not dry. That’s why I have to be very careful when I buy my face products and that’s why I didn’t manage to find the best for me.

I use the Farmasi baby wipes to remove my make-up every evening. Then I clean my face using a scrub from Marionnaud. Twice a day I use a moisturizer face cream (I have had lots from Nivea) – this one is a BB cream and then a thermal water. Mine is Ivatherm, but I want to try others as well soon. For spots, because I have spots too…, I use an E.L.F roll-on with salicylic acid to dry them.

I would be very glad if you would give me some hints about what kind of products should I use for my mixed skin :)

That’s for me to know and for you to dot-dot-dot

Hi there! I finally have time to post pictures of the gifts I received for my birthday, which, by the way, was Tuesday :)

body lotion, shower gel (set) and almond & marzipan tea

my girls bought me many books. they know how I love readingscarf (I love the material so badly!) and belt

Farmasi french manicure set and pendant made of Murano glass

black boots from Leonardo (my father gave me the money and I picked them). I adore them: wore them three days of four

jeggings from Pull&Bear (my grandma gave me the money and I picked them)

pink hoodie from New Yorker – the material is so soft!

white lace top from New Yorker

the color of the sweater is actually dark blue – from Mim’s

beige jacket from H&M


black shirt – I’ve been craving it since I’ve seen Damon Salvatore wearing one :D

and the last, but not the least – a new laptop! *happy girl*

The hoodie, the sweater, the lace top and the jacket are bought by my mother in Paris two weeks ago :) These are not the only things I’ve received: there are also another scarf and two tops, but I’ll show you outfits with them.

I’ve just finished watching the last TVD episode, 3×07, I’m really looking forward for next week, but now, after watching Friends for 40 minutes I’ll be off to bed. Have a nice weekend. Mine is already full :)

My life gets kind of boring

Ieri am avut o zi frumosa. La pranz, m-am dus la buni (vezi posturile de pe Twitter), iar dupa-amiaza cu Florentina la Iulius Mall la traditionalul „Veniti la miezul noptii”. De la ora 19:00 pana la 2:00 au fost in majoritatea magazinelor reduceri. Eu am venit de la inceput si am plecat la 21:30. M-am intalnit pe acolo cu multi cunoscuti. Magazinele fara reduceri au fost Zara & co, Kenvelo, Eurostar si cred ca si Bata. Restul aveau reduceri mici in general: 10%, 20% majoritatea, dar unele chiar si 50%.

ENGLISH!! Yesterday I had a beautiful day. I went to granny’s place for lunch (see my tweets) and in the evening with Florentina to Iulius Mall at the traditional „Come to midnight”. From 7 p.m to 2 a.m were sales in mostly shops. I came at the beggining and left at 9:30 p.m. I met there a lot of people I know. The shops without sales were Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Oysho, Kenvelo, Eurostar and I think Bata, too. The rest had in general small sales like: 10%, mostly 20% and some even 50%.

Iata ce am cumparat/ Look what I bought:

pulover/sweater – Fox

oja/nail-polish – Farmasi

bentita/bow – MeliMelo

Asta e ce am purtat ieri: cardigan- United Colors of Benetton, tricou- Stradivarius, blugi- Fox, balerini- Moa.

ENGLISH!! This is what I wore yesterday: cardigan- United Colors of Benetton, T-shirt- Stradivarius, jeans- Fox and flats- Moa

Aveam o bluza cu animal print. I-am taiat manecile, gluga si am scurtat-o si am obtinut tricoul asta si o esarfa :)

I had had an animal print blouse. I cut the sleeves and hood and I reduced the length and I got a T-shirt and a scarf.

Xo, Sabina

Cry me a river

Ieri n-am postat nimic pentru ca am avut o zi plina, la fel cum o sa fie toata saptamana. Dupa ore, am fost cu Flavia in mall ca-mi caut ceva nou de imbracat pentru ziua mea. Am luat o bluza neagra si am mai gasit o oja rosie Farmasi. Un rosu pe care-l vroiam de muuuult si pe care-l ador. Cand am ajuns acasa mi-am scris la chimie si engleza, am mai stat putin pe facebook si m-am culcat. Astazi, dupa ore, am avut germana, iar cand am ajuns acasa am scris la chimie si iata-ma: mananc un baton Fagaras.

Nu garantez ca maine voi mai posta ceva: am de invatat foarte mult pentru doua teste: bio si fizica. Si la niciuna nu stiu nimic. Si probabil o sa mai am si tema la mate si info. Incerc sa repet ceva din seara asta la bio.

Cizmele astea mi se par foarte originale, dar n-as purta asa ceva xD

I believe this boots are very original, but I wouldn’t wear them.


I adore them.

ENGLISH!!! I didn’t post anything yesterday because I had a very busy day. The entire week it’s going to be like this. After classes, I went with Flavia to the mall because I wanted to buy something new for my birthday. I bought a T-shirt and a red nail-polish from Farmasi. I love this kind of red. When I arrived home I did my Chemistry and English homework, spent some time on facebook and went to bed. After classes today, I had German classes. When I arrived home, I did my Chemistry homework and here am I eating chocolate. I don’t believe tomorrow I’ll post something else because I have to learn for Biology and Phisics. I’m going to have test-papers at both and I didn’t learn anything. And I’ll probably have to do some piece of homework at Maths and Informatics, too.