Hello, peeps! I gained some new followers so thank you for this! Yesterday’s post was a little bit cold. Today’s is not an exception :D I’m on duty at school and I’ve got my netbook with me. I’ve finished all my homework and now I have nothing to do. But of course I prefer to do this and not to take part in classes. I think I’m gonna read something now. Stay tuned ‘cause I’ll schedule a post for tomorrow. New ins!

Holidays outfits

This outfit I wore on Christmas day: Zara bolero, Kenvelo top, Pimkie skirt – ordered from kurtmann, Mondex tights and Leonardo earrings; the belt was a present from my aunt

and this on New Year’s eve: Zara blouse, no name tights and belt, same Leonardo earrings, dress from a random boutique in Nurnberg and miniprix flats

I take this opportunity to thank my new followers and those who have asked me questions on formspring. You are the reason I keep blogging.

P.S.: I’ve added a few blogs in my blogroll (most of them Romanian): ShoePendant (she’s Romanian, but also writes in English), Elizabete (she’s from Luxembourg, but writes in English), Roxana (writes only in Romanian), Comfy Space (she’s Romanian, but writes in English), Cathrine (she’s also from Luxembourg, but writes in English). Check them out!