This is more than I take

Yesterday one of my classmates posted on Facebook this picture of us in Milan in March and it made me think that I actually miss this Italian guys. Fortunately I’m going to see them again for one week in a month when they’re coming to Romania!

I still have material for the blog, but my stats get lower and lower every day… This makes me wonder if I still have to continue with this. Some feedback would really help!

In three weeks school starts and to be honest, I’m terrified. I don’t want all the stress to begin again. I like it like this: going to bed at 12, waking up at 10, chilling, going to the gym, eating, watching movies and stuff. I know, sometimes I get bored, of course, but I prefer it like that, especially because eleventh grade is the hardest. In another train of thoughts, it’s been a while since I’ve been having only nightmares. I tried to read „Faust” by Goethe, but didn’t succeed. I have to admit, the language is very hard to keep up with. Today I finished the second season of The O.C and soon I’m gonna start the third. I like it, it’s enjoyable, but not one of my favorites. There’s only one left episode from True Blood this year and again, this show is not on my favs list anymore. Maybe because I’m a romantic person and this season has no romance at all? I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting sick of trouble. I’m like an old lady, you know? I just want to sleep it off and yeah. That’s all. But I’m very glad I’ve found another thing to watch every week: the Spanish league started yesterday and because I’m a fanatic madridista, I have to watch every single game that Real Madrid plays. I know I’ve said I hate Spain and I still do, especially David Villa, Puyol and Iniesta (=Barcelona), but I lololove Mesut Özil. By the way, why is everybody pronouncing his name wrong?! Like Ouzilll or something. It’s kind of annoying…




Nicht schlecht fur ein Madchen

  1. me in the car on my way to Paris
  2. cute cats at the countryside
  3. French biscuits and tea
  4. handsome Tom Hardy
  5. packing for countryside
  6. me and my cousin before going to bed
  7. I don’t really like Oreos
  8. new hair
  9. reading Great Gatsby
  10. @hairdresser
  11. Lucrezia & Cesare Borgia
  12. dinner in Oradea
  13. on my way to Bucharest
  14. sushi & maki
  15. my love, Özil

  1. The Vampire Diaries, Stefan’s Diaries, part 5
  2. watching Germany – Argentina
  3. Özil meeting Angela Merkel (God, how I wish I was her now)
  4. @hairdresser
  5. hot Christopher Uckermann
  6. eating a musli bar after gym
  7. Bane’s rising also in Bucharest
  8. Starbucks in Paris
  9. I love watermelon
  10. my phone screen – Tom Hardy
  11. paprika Lay’s, Kandia with biscuits and Skittles – healthy food haha
  12. Mesut Özil and his Ferrari
  13. wearing my Vans for the 1st time this year I think
  14. Vogue Paris + Laduree macaroons = ♥
  15. cardigan from Oysho – wish list

  1. lunch at Nordsee in Bucharest
  2. my back pack for gym – Adidas all the way
  3. homemade pizza at countryside
  4. The Vampire Diaries, Stefan’s Diaries, part 4
  5. cute funny Andrew Garfield
  6. me
  7. German chocolates – very good-looking
  8. Bane poster in Paris subway
  9. new love (m&ms) and old love (nachos)
  10. H&M back pack for gym
  11. new sandwich from KFC
  12. watching VH1
  13. Chinese noodles in Paris
  14. hot Chocolate
  15. Cafe Latte @Starbucks Nurnberg

  1. Rem by Mircea Cartarescu
  2. @gym
  3. @Pimkie Bucharest
  4. 7days coco nut
  5. coming home
  6. I just love Danish butter biscuits
  7. jasmine green tea, my favorite
  8. Chio Stickletti with cheese
  9. watching CSI: NY
  10. cute fat cat

Here’s a photodiary of July and August (so far) from my Instagram account. The title is in German and means „not bad for a girl”; it’s Mesut Özil’s last line from a Nike commercial :D

Honey, I’ve been called worse

Hello, hello, dear blog and reader. I’m apologizing for the bad update… again, but I’m very busy with an international project, school stuff and yesterday I was that sick that my grandma took me to the hospital with an ambulance. Don’t worry, now I’m fine, but I have to take some pills twice a day for five days and eat for two weeks just 5 dishes (soup, cheese, rice, boiled potatoes and chicken). That really sucks because I love eating tasty food, but it seems that my favorites are very unhealthy. I also hate fruits, so… you know: bad habits. Unfortunately, next week there’s a so-called festival in my city with concerts, stalls, fireworks etc and I won’t be able to eat anything then :( But I’ll survive.

I have to watch the new episodes of 90210 and TVD soon (like today? :D) because the one of Gossip Girl I watched Wednesday. And I’m about to finish reading another Gossip Girl book, which is very different from the show.

I’m off now: I have to recover my lessons and do a project for Monday. I promise I’ll post something interesting soon. Bye!

Mini Shopping

Because I really want to become a RFB (Romanian Fashion Blogger) I’ll start writing the translation too because this is one of their conditions.

Today I went food shopping with my parents in Carrefour and I also had to buy a present for a friend. While looking for it, I saw this amazing headband for the forehead in Accesorize. I love it because the little white balls look like pearls and that’s so elegant. I don’t really know with what should I wear it.

TRANSLATION: Deoarece chiar imi doresc sa devin un RFB (Romanian Fashion Blogger) o sa incep sa scriu si traducerea pentru ca e una din conditiile lor.

Astazi am fost sa cumpar mancare cu parintii mei in Carrefour si am avut de cumparat si un cadou pentru o prietena. In timp ce mai uitam dupa el, am vazut aceasta bentita uimitoare pentru frunte in Accesorize. O iubesc deoarece bilutele albe arata ca si perlele si asta e atat de elegant. Nu prea stiu cu ce ar trebui s-o port.