What you consider the best, I consider mediocre

me on NYE

I’m not really into sweets, but I have my moments and German and Swiss chocolate are my favs

me watching TDK on January, 1st

and my fav character in the entire world (equal to Damon Salvatore) at the end of the movie

Some random pictures from my phone, so enjoy the mini photobomb. And keep asking me questions on formspring (link on the left).

Holidays outfits

This outfit I wore on Christmas day: Zara bolero, Kenvelo top, Pimkie skirt – ordered from kurtmann, Mondex tights and Leonardo earrings; the belt was a present from my aunt

and this on New Year’s eve: Zara blouse, no name tights and belt, same Leonardo earrings, dress from a random boutique in Nurnberg and miniprix flats

I take this opportunity to thank my new followers and those who have asked me questions on formspring. You are the reason I keep blogging.

P.S.: I’ve added a few blogs in my blogroll (most of them Romanian): ShoePendant (she’s Romanian, but also writes in English), Elizabete (she’s from Luxembourg, but writes in English), Roxana (writes only in Romanian), Comfy Space (she’s Romanian, but writes in English), Cathrine (she’s also from Luxembourg, but writes in English). Check them out!

I’ll make sure that it lasts

The poll I posted a couple of days ago says you want to find out more things about me. I have no idea what kind of things do you want to know, that’s why I created a formspring. So I’m waiting for you to ask me here: FORMSPRING. Remember: you don’t have to sign, I don’t know who you are! And also don’t ask private things because I won’t answer.

Yesterday I watched for the 25th time The Dark Knight on tv (this time) so I can say I started my year with one of the things I love the most. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I can tell you (like the Joker): „No, I’m not”. I’m just a passional person who have this obsession. It’s not the way Heath Ledger looks or his damn sexy voice, but his brilliant acting there as the Joker. He’s smart, profound, a good observer and fun. Obviously he deserved the Oscar. Of course, Christopher Nolan, as the director, has a huge contribution to the film (great director, just watch The Prestige or Inception!)

I’ve been thinking and I decided to do a top of my favorites stars (actors and singers) so stay tuned! And ask me stuff on formspring please!