2011 review

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I spent New Year’s eve with three friends at my place.

February: started watching The Vampire Diaries and totally felt in love with Damon Salvatore.

March: participated to Grow 0.9 and my first free hugs session.

April: moved in a new house.

May: went to a few parties.

June: had my new house party and finished 9th grade with 9,77.

July: went to the seaside and to Czech Republic.

August: visited Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

September: got an A at my German exam and started the 10th grade.

October: was my birthday.

November: participated to IasiMUN and won with my team the first prize in a websites contest.

December: got an iPad and finished the first semester with 9,94.

This year was a very good one for me. I don’t know if it was the best, because it’s very hard to choose, but indeed a very great one.

Because I want to improve my blogging style, I’ve created this poll where you, all my readers, can vote what would you like to see more often. Please do it! I really enjoy blogging and I want you guys to enjoy reading my posts as well. Oh, and btw, FORMSPRING is a site where you can ask me all kinds of questions without signing them. Maybe this would make you talk, because you don’t write any comments ;))

Grow’s over

In the past six weeks me and some of my mates have been participating in Grow project organised by AIESEC. It was really nice, we had a lot of fun and personally I learned:

  •  not to be late
  • how to speak in front of people
  • about E.U (my country sucks unfortunately)
  • how to organize a special event
  • about my personality
  • how to listen to others (opinion)
  • about ecology
  • not discriminate
  • to expect things
  • to be nice
  • lots of dances and games
  • to live my life and say „YES” to challenges
I’m sure I missed some things, but this is what I remember. I’ll miss the trainers, Irina, Kamila, Wilma and Cristian; they were very nice to us and they supported us a lot and I’m sure I’ll always remember these weeks: the sessions, the two parties, the free hugs campaign, everything.
On Sunday we had the closing ceremony and a party but I don’t have any picture taken then yet. As soon as I receive them, I’ll show you. But now I make a slideshow with other photos.

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You’re amazing just the way you are

Hi, guys! Though I’m in a rush now I’ll post something.

  • Today between 20:30 and 21:30 it’s Earth Hour. That means you should turn off all the lights in your house for an hour. I’m sure you won’t die if you attend this „event”.
  • After I finish writing this post I’ll dress up and go with my Grow mates and trainees to watch a movie: „Ten things I hate about you” with Heath Ledger, yay! ♥
  • Tomorrow I’ll share free hugs! I really can’t wait.
  • I’ll try to take some pictures with all the stuff I did lately, but I don’t promise anything.