Honey, I’ve been called worse

Hello, hello, dear blog and reader. I’m apologizing for the bad update… again, but I’m very busy with an international project, school stuff and yesterday I was that sick that my grandma took me to the hospital with an ambulance. Don’t worry, now I’m fine, but I have to take some pills twice a day for five days and eat for two weeks just 5 dishes (soup, cheese, rice, boiled potatoes and chicken). That really sucks because I love eating tasty food, but it seems that my favorites are very unhealthy. I also hate fruits, so… you know: bad habits. Unfortunately, next week there’s a so-called festival in my city with concerts, stalls, fireworks etc and I won’t be able to eat anything then :( But I’ll survive.

I have to watch the new episodes of 90210 and TVD soon (like today? :D) because the one of Gossip Girl I watched Wednesday. And I’m about to finish reading another Gossip Girl book, which is very different from the show.

I’m off now: I have to recover my lessons and do a project for Monday. I promise I’ll post something interesting soon. Bye!