2011 review

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I spent New Year’s eve with three friends at my place.

February: started watching The Vampire Diaries and totally felt in love with Damon Salvatore.

March: participated to Grow 0.9 and my first free hugs session.

April: moved in a new house.

May: went to a few parties.

June: had my new house party and finished 9th grade with 9,77.

July: went to the seaside and to Czech Republic.

August: visited Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

September: got an A at my German exam and started the 10th grade.

October: was my birthday.

November: participated to IasiMUN and won with my team the first prize in a websites contest.

December: got an iPad and finished the first semester with 9,94.

This year was a very good one for me. I don’t know if it was the best, because it’s very hard to choose, but indeed a very great one.

Because I want to improve my blogging style, I’ve created this poll where you, all my readers, can vote what would you like to see more often. Please do it! I really enjoy blogging and I want you guys to enjoy reading my posts as well. Oh, and btw, FORMSPRING is a site where you can ask me all kinds of questions without signing them. Maybe this would make you talk, because you don’t write any comments ;))

Grow’s over

In the past six weeks me and some of my mates have been participating in Grow project organised by AIESEC. It was really nice, we had a lot of fun and personally I learned:

  •  not to be late
  • how to speak in front of people
  • about E.U (my country sucks unfortunately)
  • how to organize a special event
  • about my personality
  • how to listen to others (opinion)
  • about ecology
  • not discriminate
  • to expect things
  • to be nice
  • lots of dances and games
  • to live my life and say „YES” to challenges
I’m sure I missed some things, but this is what I remember. I’ll miss the trainers, Irina, Kamila, Wilma and Cristian; they were very nice to us and they supported us a lot and I’m sure I’ll always remember these weeks: the sessions, the two parties, the free hugs campaign, everything.
On Sunday we had the closing ceremony and a party but I don’t have any picture taken then yet. As soon as I receive them, I’ll show you. But now I make a slideshow with other photos.

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I’m not listening to you

(today’s outfit: purple knit: Camaieu, black blouse: ZARA Trf, black jeans: Orsay; make-up by Corina and hair by Florentina)

I wanted to restart using my own camera (the black Fuji one is my parents’ camera) and though it’s three years old the photos are still pretty good, hah?

Yesterday was such a boring day: woke up at 11 a.m :d, had breakfast, did homework for Maths and German, went to Grow’s last training :(, went food shopping, had dinner, took a bath and went to bed: very relaxing. Yesterday evening a Coca-Cola team knocked at my door and offered us a bottle of soda and a mini-pack of spaghetti for free, haha. Today in the morning, I was like: PLEASE LET ME SLEEP, but I couldn’t because I had to go to school. I’m also very sick (got a cold) and I’m just staying in bed. I have four more days of school and then ten days of Easter holiday! The tree is in front of my block of flats. Isn’t it beautiful ♥?





Hey guys, this is my first vlog in my life. I’ve made it because I had to post a video where I speak about myself on Grow’s Facebook group. I was a little bit nervous and I’ve been repeating what I should say five times before starting recording, haha. Like usual I’m gonna bullet for you my news:

  • My Physics test yesterday went good. I hope I’ll get a 9.
  • Yesterday I watched on Diva Universal a new Midsomer Murders episode that was great! I’ve been in love with this series for three years and I’ve seen almost all episodes. It was about an old man that wants to make a child with his daughter/granddaughter. This is a big incest! Bleah. Some people are really insane.
  • Yesterday I started downloading season 3 of 90210 because now I’m at 2×5 :)
  • For the moment I don’t have a curtain at my window because my father disassembled its support. The other house needs it.
  • Today took part the Maths contest „Adolf Haimovici” and I was the 4th in my region, but I got no prise, just a mention. The exercises had average difficulty.
  • Today the Grow project started and the 1st training was so much fun!
  • I have no homework for Monday, that’s great, but I have to study for two tests next week: Maths and Chemistry.
  • Yesterday I finished reading the 5th Vampire Diaries book. Was really nice. When I’ll finish the mini-novel by Mircea Eliade, „The Snake” I’ll write a Romanian post about them. I also want to write on RacoMania again soon. I have two topics!

Ok, I think this is all for now. I’m going to watch 90210. Later!