I might drink a little bit more than I should

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Hello, blog, it’s been a while. Monday night I went to a Halloween party with some friends, but I didn’t dress up and I don’t have pictures either. But now I want to tell you about another party. Thursday night I went to the opera at the premiere of „Tosca” by Puccini. Then I went to this magnificent reception at one of the most luxurious hotels in Iasi. Believe me or not, I felt like in Gossip Girl. There were even saumon fumé and shrimp! For half an hour a band entertained us, then people started to dance too.

Because this was a special occasion I decided to wear a dress. I chose the grey with embroidery one combined with this tiny grey scarf, black tights, comfortable shoes and black cardigan. I accessorized the outfit with a belt, grey clutch, pearl earrings and silver necklace. I had a lovely night, but I got a cold, unfortunately.

dress: Bulgarian boutique, scarf: Meli Melo, tights: no name, cardigan: ZARA, belt: Stradivarius, clutch: Ungaro, earrings: AVON

P.S.: I have some interesting material for the blog so I’ll prepare a few posts for the next days. Keep in touch!

His eyes on me

These are a couple of photos my friend Flavia took on Monday of me and Florentina presenting a project during the biology class. The presentation was about sexual education.

I warn you it’s possible that I won’t be able to blog the next days. My excuse: I’m busy (as usual). For the next week I have to prepare for an interview and do three projects (History, Business class and Chemistry), homework and study. And I’ve been accepted to IasiMUN conference which takes place in November (I represent Germany, yaaay!) and I have to be a good delegate and inform myself. Tomorrow I also have another presentation with my team: a sites contest at 1 o’ clock. On Friday after school I have German classes and on Saturday I want to go see the stalls in the center of the town. So yes, I’m a busy girl :)

Bye now, I’m off to eat my dinner.

Honey, I’ve been called worse

Hello, hello, dear blog and reader. I’m apologizing for the bad update… again, but I’m very busy with an international project, school stuff and yesterday I was that sick that my grandma took me to the hospital with an ambulance. Don’t worry, now I’m fine, but I have to take some pills twice a day for five days and eat for two weeks just 5 dishes (soup, cheese, rice, boiled potatoes and chicken). That really sucks because I love eating tasty food, but it seems that my favorites are very unhealthy. I also hate fruits, so… you know: bad habits. Unfortunately, next week there’s a so-called festival in my city with concerts, stalls, fireworks etc and I won’t be able to eat anything then :( But I’ll survive.

I have to watch the new episodes of 90210 and TVD soon (like today? :D) because the one of Gossip Girl I watched Wednesday. And I’m about to finish reading another Gossip Girl book, which is very different from the show.

I’m off now: I have to recover my lessons and do a project for Monday. I promise I’ll post something interesting soon. Bye!

Stradivarius New Collection

picture via Facebook

I know every normal shop has a new Fall-Winter collection now, in September, but Stradivarius is one of my favorites and that’s why I write about it. The prices are cheaper than ZARA’s and the clothes are more elegant and beautiful than Bershka’s (to compare Stradivarius with other Spanish brands). I want to recommend you all to check out the stores or websites. Yesterday I entered our shop in Iasi (second floor, Iulius Mall) and I felt in love especially with the colors. Though I hate simple yellow, I love brown-yellow combinations for Autumn. Their shoes are also the cutest. So… what are you waiting for? :)


My Love Is Pure

home desk

home-made sushi :D

 red roses

Hihihi! I have a lot to study, but I have all my homework for tomorrow done, fortunately. Today I had a geography test that wasn’t announced and I’m screwed :D I also got a 9 at TIC (technology of information and computers). Tomorrow will be hell for sure. I’m so stressed and scared, God. I don’t have other inspiration about what to tell you. Wish me luck and hear you later.