New in: Cosmetics

(scuzati calitatea: phonemadee)

Mi-am luat un primer de la ELF (foarte bun mai ales cu paleta de la Too Faced; cu cea de la Naked Palette se intelege mai bine elixirul Urban Decay). Ceea ce ma deranjeaza putin e ca are sclipici si nu-l pot folosi cu fardurile mate. De ruj insa nu sunt chiar asa de multumita: culoarea e draguta, insa nu foarte pigmentata si trebuie sa aplic cateva straturi, care dupa putin timp sa strang pe buze. E adevarat ca nu ma pot astepta la o calitate prea mare de la un produs de 9 lei insa…

Din nou, tata a trecut pe la un DM in tara si i-am facut o lista de produse de care aveam nevoie: o sa incerc balsamul Garnier cu unt de shea si avocado pentru varfuri uscate (exact ce am nevoie! sa speram ca e mai bun decat sampoanele Garnier, care nu-mi priesc deloc), fixativul cu fixare ultra strong de la Taft (care miroase si foarte frumos), un deodorant si acetona :) Singura mi-am luat din farmacie apa micelara Ivatherm, care are un parfum divin, de piersici. Inca nu am apucat s-o incerc, pentru ca momentan trebuie sa termin apa demachianta No. 7 de la Boots pe care o am in varianta mini (si de care sunt super multumita!), insa am auzit aproape numai pareri bune despre ea. Am ezitat intre ea si una de la Vichy, insa mie firma din urma mi se pare putin comerciala si in general produsele nu au niciun efect asupra pielii mele. Oricum planuiesc sa incerc mai multe tipuri de ape micelare :)

Voi ce trucuri aveti pentru a va pastra pielea curata? Astept pareri.

I’d be waking up, in the morning probably hating myself

Vi s-a intamplat si voua sa aveti nevoie de foarte multe lucruri atunci cand nu aveti bani? Parca e facut sa se intample asa! Intr-o disperata nevoie de crema de fata, am dat ieri o fuga pana in Palas. Eram setata pe gama „Yes to carrots/tomatoes/blueberries/cucumbers” din Sephora sau ceva din Sensiblu (No. 7 de la Boots sau Avene). Pana la urma am ezitat daca sa aleg No. 7 sau un gel hidratant de la Collistar, dar oferta 1 + 50% reducere din farmacie m-a convins. Am luat doua seturi care contin crema de zi, crema de noapte si demachiant crema/lotiune, unul pentru tenul normal/uscat, pe care o sa-l folosesc acum, pe timpul iernii, iar celalalt pentru tenul normal/gras pentru cand o sa inceapa primavara. Am incercat doar demachiantul si crema de noapte pana acum si sunt super multumita! Cat despre apa termala, dupa ce am incercat Ivatherm, Bioderma si Oxyance, am hotarat sa o cumpar si pe cea de la Roche Possay, urmand cele de la Vichy si Avene. Pana acum, cea cu care ma impac cel mai bine este categoric La Roche Possay! Produsele Vichy in general nu au efect asupra pielii mele, dar o sa le dau totusi o sansa in viitorul apropiat.

Ca tot vorbim despre cosmetice, ARE CINEVA IDEE DE UNDE POT COMANDA TRUSA DE FARDURI NAKED PALETTE DE LA URBAN DECAY? Magazinele Sephora din Romania nu o au… Sau sa merg tot pe Too Faced cu care mi se pare o trusa adorabila si cam de doua ori mai ieftina? :D

Statement and cosmetics

Last week I went shopping with some friends and I ended up buying these statement earrings from H&M, which I’ve been craving since August. I also bought some cosmetics: I’ve been using thermal water since June and I swear I won’t stop using it! I’ve tried until now Ivatherm and Bioderma, but the first one is better in my opinion, that’s why I’ve bought it again now. It doesn’t matter what kind of skin type you have, thermal water can do only good for you! It has helped me with my acne issues a lot! The shine eraser wipes from E.L.F are as well good. I had a very big surprise to see that my T-zone is kind of oily and that I need some mattifying. The last, but not least, is the burgundy nail-polish from Sephora. I wasn’t sure about buying this one, but I told myself what the hell and gone for it and now I don’t regret it :D

Facial routine

Face has always been the most important part of our body, in my opinion (even if some look at other parts first). My skin is not oily, not dry. That’s why I have to be very careful when I buy my face products and that’s why I didn’t manage to find the best for me.

I use the Farmasi baby wipes to remove my make-up every evening. Then I clean my face using a scrub from Marionnaud. Twice a day I use a moisturizer face cream (I have had lots from Nivea) – this one is a BB cream and then a thermal water. Mine is Ivatherm, but I want to try others as well soon. For spots, because I have spots too…, I use an E.L.F roll-on with salicylic acid to dry them.

I would be very glad if you would give me some hints about what kind of products should I use for my mixed skin :)

You treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough

Today I went with my mum to this event in my city called Cucuteni 5000, a nice market

I got myself some French lemon beer, delicious!

oh and these are my recent purchases: handmade face soap, handmade bow, Ivatherm thermal water and Rimmel London foundation

I’m very fanatic when it comes to Germany, so yeah…

and my lovely Mesut Özil during the national anthem

Well, I have to admit, my dear readers, that these days were not typical for holiday. I am very sad sometimes and very tired; I just want to sleep and chill, but I do have to learn some German and finish a book. However I cannot pull myself together and finish my tasks unfortunately. I mean what’s wrong with me? I’m acting like in school time… Do you feel this kind of pressure too?

About the foundation: I’m not being very rich at the moment, so I had to choose a cheap one. Stay Matte by Rimmel London I used two years ago and I was very pleased back then. Now I’m just pleased :) Maybe because I expect better things… About the thermal water (and I’ll make it short for you): BRILLIANT for my skin. You should really try it sometimes! About the handmade soap: very moisturizer and with a very nice smell.