Herz über Kopf

Hey, guys! I hope you’re having a great time. I’m fine, just chilling home (yesterday and the day before yesterday I went out though and so am I tomorrow and the day after tomorrow :D). I woke up pretty late, 11 o’ clock, and then I made myself some breakfast, watched some episodes of The O.C, studied some German and here I am. After I finish writing this, I’m gonna plan some posts for the next days and read. I finally managed to finish „Gone With the Wind” and I started yesterday „Red and Black”. I’m not thrilled yet however.

In the picture above you can see the latest samples I’ve received from different stores or magazines. I’ve tried before only the Clean&Clear daily facial wash – pretty cool and the La Roche-Posay foundation – I don’t like it because it makes my face look like a mask. Have you ever used any of the other ones? I’m waiting forward to your answers!

Oh, and about the title of this post, it means „Heart above head” in German. I found it on the cover of the German Vogue Business the April issue and like it.

Last Christmas

Astazi, dupa ore, am ramas la o prezentare despre acnee facuta de SensiBlu in sala de festivitati a colegiului. A fost interesant, unele lucruri nu le stiam. La final am primit aceste mostre si brosuri + un voucher de reducere 7% in farmaciile SensiBlu la produsele anti-acnee. Inainte de dus, am folosit un pliculet cu exfoliant Iwostin: un singur lucru n-a ajutat, pielea moarta din jurul sprancenelor e tot acolo. Acum voi aplica si niste crema, sa vad ce efect are.

Maine am teza la fizica, iar luni la mate si am scapat. Mai am de facut un proiect la germana pana termin scoala anul asta. In rest, testele la bio, logica si istorie au fost ok (sper). Maine cam incepe vacanta pentru mine :d