Counting the days

Good afternoon, readers! Usually, when I get excited, I post something here, so this will be another movie article. Can you guess? Well, some might. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES WILL BE IN CINEMAS VERY VERY SOON! ONLY 9 DAYS!!!! Unfortunately, July, 20th is the day I’m leaving on holidays, but about this later. But I’ll watch the movie as soon as I return! This is 100% sure! The last trailer of TDKR was showed yesterday at the ComicCon event and it contains some images of the Joker. How nice of them to include him again :) Are you going to see the epic ending?

All I want is everything

denim blazer – New Yorker (the walls are not pink, but beige!)

Mini Prix denim vest and H&M pants

C&A basic T-shirt and Mini Prix Joker T-Shirt (finalllllyyyyyy!)

H&M high-waisted shorts

C&A ring and Forever21 earrings

Essence nude lipstick and purple and pink eyeshadows

Deutsch Vogue April and June and H&M Magazine

Because I deleted the post with the haul video and because I didn’t have anything to show you today, I decided to write again the article, this time with pictures. I know I’ve been buying lots of things lately, but I still feel like I have nothing to wear in my wardrobe, if you know what I mean…

This school week is my last one and after finishing the tenth grade, I’m having holidays for more than two months. I hope it will be legendary. My summer has already started pretty well: I went to the movies, I went out with some friends, I’m attending an IT project and I also have loads of plans for the next few months. But I’m very tired and all I want right now is to relax. So I’m off the watch Two and a Half Men 6×03 and then the football matches. By the way, I’m in heaven because Germany is the only team from Euro 2012 with 9 points! What a pity that I’ve finished my homemade Cuba Libre :(

I’ll make sure that it lasts

The poll I posted a couple of days ago says you want to find out more things about me. I have no idea what kind of things do you want to know, that’s why I created a formspring. So I’m waiting for you to ask me here: FORMSPRING. Remember: you don’t have to sign, I don’t know who you are! And also don’t ask private things because I won’t answer.

Yesterday I watched for the 25th time The Dark Knight on tv (this time) so I can say I started my year with one of the things I love the most. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I can tell you (like the Joker): „No, I’m not”. I’m just a passional person who have this obsession. It’s not the way Heath Ledger looks or his damn sexy voice, but his brilliant acting there as the Joker. He’s smart, profound, a good observer and fun. Obviously he deserved the Oscar. Of course, Christopher Nolan, as the director, has a huge contribution to the film (great director, just watch The Prestige or Inception!)

I’ve been thinking and I decided to do a top of my favorites stars (actors and singers) so stay tuned! And ask me stuff on formspring please!

The Dark Knight

Este unul din filmele mele preferate. Efectiv il ador pe Heath Ledger, iar prestatia lui este excelenta. Pentru ea a luat un Golden Globe si un Oscar.

O urmare a hitului de acţiune Batman Begins, Cavalerul negru îi reuneşte pe regizorul Christopher Nolan şi pe starul Christian Bale, care reia în această nouă peliculă rolul lui Bruce Wayne/Batman. Cu ajutorul locotenentului Jim Gordon şi a hotărâtului procuror districtual, Harvey Dent, Batman începe lupta împotriva crimei organizate din Gotham City pentru a o strârpi definitiv. Iniţial, triumviratul se dovedeşte a fi eficient, dar în curând cei trei devin ţinta unui geniu al răului, cunoscut sub numele de Joker, care aruncă oraşul în anarhie, forţându-l pe Cavalerul negru să încalce fragila graniţă dintre erou şi răzbunător.

Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain), nominalizat la premiul Academiei, îl întruchipează pe arhetipul răului, The Joker, iar Aaron Eckhart îl interpretează pe procurorul Harvey Dent. Maggie Gyllenhaal se alatură şi ea distribuţiei în rolul lui Rachel Dawes. În Cavalerul negru revin mulţi actori din Batman Begins, cum ar fi Gary Oldman, în rolul locotenentului Jim Gordon; Michael Caine, câştigătorul premiului Oscar (The Cider House Rules) în rolul lui Alfred, şi premiatul cu Oscar, Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby) în rolul lui Lucius Fox.


Slideshowul contine poze si iconuri din calculatorul meu.

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Aici este un video cu cele mai interesante scene ale lui Joker, personaj extraordinar de complex.

Si citate:

  • I believe that whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you… stranger.
  • If you’re good at something, never do it for free.
  • Some men just want to watch the world burn.
  • Does it depress you to know how alone you really are?
  • You have nothing, nothing to frighten me with.
  • You’ll see how loial a hungry dog really is.
  • It’s about sending a message: everything burns.
  • You need an ace in the hole.
  • Madness is like gravity.