I’m the kind who sits up in his room

Well, I promised you guys a bigger post, so here it is! I’ve been thinking since summer to write it, but I have never had the mood until now. People who know me well, would describe me as obsessed or even crazy… in a good way (I hope). The thing about me is that I live in my own world; I fell in love with (lots of) movie characters and I make research, research and again research until I find everything about that man. People who know me better can say that I do the same thing in real life, but this is another topic that I’m not going to discuss here and now. So, coming back to the actual post, I’m gonna make a top of my favorite men in chronological order. And if I put a *, this means the obsession took more than a few weeks/months.

1. Christopher Uckermann* – From the band RBD; I started loving him in 2006 and I still like him a lot: I follow him on Twitter, I have photos of him on my phone, but of course it’s not the same like then. He is 25 now, so I liked him when he was just 19. I liked his talent (he can play the guitar, the drums; he also sings and acts) and his looks.

2. Heath Ledger* – I can say about him that he was my greatest obsession ever. I read tons of articles and I’ve seen documentaries on TV about him , but unfortunately, he passed away before me knowing so much stuff about him. I first saw him in The Dark Knight as the Joker, where he blowed minds and kicked asses and next were Casanova, 10 things I hate about you and others. I love-love-love his acting, he was extremely talented: that’s why he received an Oscar and a Golden Globe award. I love his Australian accent, his smile and his looks.

3. Robert Pattinson* – first of all, I loved the character who made him famous: Edward Cullen. Twilight is the first book that I read without stopping in two days because that vampire was so romantic, loving and protective. It was impossible for me to resist him as it was for Bella. From the whole saga I like the most the first movie/book. Maybe the impact was bigger at the beginning or maybe volume one is better. I don’t know and I don’t care. And we have to admit that Robert looked perfectly gorgeous in 2008. Then I saw him in Remember Me, another romantic movie, so yeah… Now I’m very looking forward to seeing him in Bel Ami. I read that book especially for him and I also bought a book with his biography.

4. Taylor Lautner – I know it’s a little bit awkward to love so much two different characters that are also enemies, but I can’t help myself. Taylor is younger and hotter than Robert. In the book I totally prefer Edward, because he has the most amazing personality ever, but on the screen Taylor looks better. Than I saw him in Valentine’s Day and in Abduction… that abs, that arms, that face… so so so hot!

5. Diego Forlan – well, yeah, a football player. It had to be a football player in my list too! I first „met” him when he was playing for Uruguay in the world cup 2010. His nickname was „the blonde angel of Uruguay” which is so damn true! Just looking at his face and you can say: YES, THIS IS A GOOD MAN! And I’m not speaking just metaphorically… I typed his name on we♥it and I hardly managed to pick a photo with him with clothes on.

6. Jim Morrison – I started to like him in July 2010: after visiting his grave in Paris I documented myself, listened to some of The Doors songs and fell in love with his black leather pants, his mentality, his lyrics and his cute curly hair. I’ve seen a movie about him with Val Kilmer and I still have a documentary called When You’re Strange in my laptop.

7.  Ian Somerhalder* – Damon, Damon, Damon Salvatore. Man, I still love him so! I love Ian and I love Damon, though they are very different persons, but if I had to choose, I’d go with Damon. Damon is sarcastic, strong, charming and „totally hot”; Ian is shy, kind-hearted and helpful. Damon drives me crazy and I’m craving to see him with Elena; I want so badly him to have a serious relationship, not just one night stands. After Heath, this man I love the most now. Unfortunately, The Vampire Diaries is the only movie I’ve ever seen with Ian, but soon I’m gonna download Lost and other films with him.

8. Richard Armitage – loved his character in BBC’s series Robin Hood where he played bad boy Guy of Gisborne. I loved the passion in him, his height, his British accent and his dark black hair.

9. Tom Hardy – I know him since 2009 when I saw him as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Then I heard he is going to play Bane, the villain, in Christopher Nolan’s last Batman movie. And in February this year I saw This means war where he completely won me, followed by Rocknrolla. I think he is more sexy than beautiful.

10. Alexander Skarsgård* – Eric in True Blood, so this is my latest obsession. All I know about him in real life is that he is Swedish, he is 194 cm tall, he is sarcastic, his English has no accent and he doesn’t speak that much. I love Eric’s feelings for Sookie, Eric’s way of talking and thinking.

Basicaly, this is my top 10. I also had small crushes (a couple of days) on Ryan Gosling from Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Notebook and Blue Valentine, Logan Lerman from The Three Musketeers, Stephen Moyer from True Blood, Brad Pitt from The Strange Case of Benjamin Button, Troy, Legends of the fall and Interview with the Vampire, Rupert Grint from Harry Potter, Ashton Kutcher from No strings attached, Killers, Valentine’s Day, Spread and What Happens in Vegas, Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl and J. Edgar, Colin Firth from Pride and Prejudice and Leonardo Dicaprio from J. Edgar, Inception, Shutter Island, Blood Diamond and The Departed.

My fingers and back hurt so I’m gonna end now, before you will think I’m a total freak. Unless you don’t think that already. Thank you for reading!

More about me

I found this on HaykyBlog and because I love completing stuff I posted it:

Name: Dumitriu Sabina

Piercings: 1 earlobe

Tattoos: no

Length: 167 centimeters

Shoe size: 39

Hair color: brown

Freckles: no

In love? not really :D just a small crush

Do you wish you lived somewhere else? yes: Germany is my dream country

Do you consider yourself good-looking? sometimes

What shampoo do you use? Yves Rocher

What are you afraid of? what happens after death, diseases, being alone

Do you like roller-coasters? not really


Movie you rented? I think I’ve never rented one :D

Movie you bought? I usually download movies from the Internet or watch them at the cinema, but I think my father bought „Amadeus” a few years ago

Song you heard? I’m now listening to Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Song you downloaded? Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo – Give me everything

Person you called? Mum

Person who called you? a classmate, Diana

TV-program you watched? It happened some days ago :D I think CSI on AXN

Person you thought of? Mum, I miss her


Song: Now I just can’t stop listening to Rihanna – S&M, Enrique Iglesias – Tonight, Katy Perry – E.T, but I’ll always love Mick Jagger – God gave me everything I want, Metallica – Enter Sandman, ACDC – Shook me all night long

Thing to do: shopping or watching a nice movie/serial in my bed

Sport: volleyball, swimming, aerobics, roller skating

Clothes: skinny jeans, classy T-shirts and flats

Movie: The Dark Knight is number 1 for me, but I love all romantic comedies like Love Actually, Killers, The Proposal

Car: Volvo

TV-show: The Vampire Diaries, Friends and Midsomer Murders

Have you ever…

Cried over a boy? yes, but only once or twice

Cried over a girl? only if she pissed me off

Lied to anyone? yes

Been in a fist fight? no

Been arrested? no

Met someone from the Internet IRL? no, I don’t trust strangers

Number of…

Times you’ve been in love? two real times, but had lots of crushes

Times you’ve had your heart broken? three

Hearts been broken because of you? two maybe more :D

Girls you’ve kissed? on the cheek: lots, on the lips: none

Times your name has been in the newspaper? c’mon, really?


Book you read? The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries part 1

Person who e-mailed you? a teacher

Person who sent you a letter? Yves Rocher. it’s not really a letter, but an envelope from them

Person who sent you a text message? Florentina

Time you had dinner with your whole family? with Mum and Dad last week

Thing you bought? a bus ticket

I was born to survive

haha, of course. I used to like Cullen, but Damon is way better.

aww, how cute!

chemistry here!

of course he’s better

sooo true.


haha, Isobel


kill Katherine

yes, it is


Mr. Modesty

even Paul Wesley is team Damon, haha

Come on.. Damon!

such a bitch


I think I’m blind


Hello, blog! Like I’ve said before I did this Damon/Ian Somerhalder post with the pictures I’ve downloaded lately. Sorry for the randomly order. He’s definitely my idol and I’m so in love with him! I can’t wait for the 8th of April when the 17th episode can be watched.

Today and tomorrow I won’t be going to school again because on Saturday there’s a Maths contest (not Olympiad) I think I’ll participate. In middle school I wasn’t very good at Maths, but now I have another teacher and at this contest can participate only pupils that are studying at the same profile as I am. I’m a little bit sick so I’m just lying in bed, sneezing once per minute, eat chocolate orange cake, read the 5th Vampire Diaries book (hope I’ll finish it today-I have about 100 pages until the end), watch TV. I think I’ll watch 90210 and do my manicure. But of course I’m gonna do some Maths exercises and study for the Physics test tomorrow (I hate Physics!!!!)

Spring’s on just in theory here, in Iasi. I want it to come indeed! I want to wear my warm-weather clothes! The sun is shinning now, but there is a -4 degrees temperature. In the morning I was nostalgic when I remembered my beautiful summer with Paris and the country side. I love going alone in the country side to my relatives, because I can do whatever I want. In 2010 I went alone by bus in Bacau and this mini-trip was amazing for me! I did some shopping, had lunch and went to the cinema to watch Killers with Ashton Kutcher. That was really nice, believe me and I want this to repeat in 2011. Maybe at Easter or on the summer holiday. I can’t wait! I have a big plan for the 2nd week of holiday: download hundreds of movies, watch again The Vampire Diaries season 1 and 2, Midsomer Murders and BBC’s Robin Hood mini-series and also watch:

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Sex and the City
  • House M.D
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • CSI
  • Friends

I know I’ll be wearing huge glasses after this summer, but I don’t really care. Can’t wait!


Astazi de la 8:30 pana la 17:00 am fost in Bacau. Am rude acolo, dar nu am stat cu ele, ci am hoinarit prin oras singura; mai exact prin Arena Mall. A fost foarte, foarte interesanta iesirea cu mine; nu a fost nevoie sa intreb pe mama sau pe o prietena ‘Hei, cum ti se pare bluza asta?’ sau ‘Sa-mi iau cealalta?’. Mi-am ales singura totul, am avut timp ca sa zic asa… sa ma cunosc mai bine. In Arena Mall se vor deschide curand magazinele spaniole care sunt si in Iasi: ZARA, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius si Oysho. In rest au cam aceleasi magazine ca la noi: House of Art, Fox, Kenvelo, Leonardo, Takko, Sprinder, Motivi, Ultimate Design, Alexandria, Samsonite si restul de telefonie mobila, dar si cateva in plus: Deihman, Humanic, New Yorker si Teranova, niste magazine foarte dragute dupa parerea mea. Dupa ce am facut putin shopping :d m-am dus la Cinema City si am vazut ‘Killers’ cu frumuselul Ashton Kutcher. Foarte fain filmul, recomand!

Si sa stiti ca recomand si Bacaul, desi nu este un oras cu multe obiective turistice. So go see it ;) !

(Photos soon)