Romanian fashion bloggers

I’ll start with the bloggers from my town:

Hayky blogs about fashion and make-up; she’s very creative and also a good photographer.

Roxana owns a blog called Comfy Space, where you can find DIY posts, fashion tips and inspiration photos.

On Iasi Street Style you can find pictures of the well dressed people living in my city and fashion news/events.

Bucharest bloggers:

Silvia lives in Bucharest, although she was born in Chisinau, Moldavia. She’s a photographer and also wants a fashion career.

Dinna has a very unusual style and on her blog you can find mostly her outfits.

Bucharest Street Style is the best blog of this kind in my country. People in Bucharest are more extravagant than people in Iasi and the events there take place more often.

Other bloggers:

Stefania has lots of fans on LookBook and on her blog she posts her outfits and her fashion inspiration.

Alexandra is from Giurgiu and on her blog, Shoe Pendant, you can find out about her experiences and see lovely pictures.

And the last, but not least, my favorite fashion blog: Doina Ciobanu from The Golden Diamonds (I know she’s from Chisinau, Moldavia), but I’m sure she needs no presentation.

Don’t underestimate the things that I would do

I don’t know what to post at the moment. I’ve been busy these days: I unpacked my luggage, met some friends, read some magazines, started the German classes (4 hours per day!) at DKC, cleaned my room… You know, these kind of stuff. I still have a few things to do: buy notebooks for school and finish a book. So I apologize for the bad update. Oh and I posted some new looks on lookbook. Click on the badge!


Pretending to feel the same

I loveeeeee the bag!

This are three very different looks I hyped on lookbook. I just love this site! I’m very sick and soon I have to go to school for the Physics test I was talking about yesterday.


P.S.: Pray for Japan!


I’m looking in the mirror and I think I’m liking what I see

Some inspiration from lookbook (yes, you can find me on too!)

I love lace and this headband is so nice!

lovely skirt

I love the skirt and the knit

again lace

vintage look

the blouse is so nice

again a flower-power skirt

I love the glasses, the top and the skirt: the whole look!

amazing high-heels

flower-power dress

perfect shorts

the cardigan is superb!

white lace dress <3

I want this heels


I’m in love with the shoes

And I hyped many others, but these are the more interesting ones.