Hello, pals. What’s up? In the pictures you can see what I’m taking with me. Tomorrow very early in the morning I’m leaving town again for a week. I don’t have free Wi-Fi at the hotel so I have to schedule some posts for you now. This won’t be a problem because I have a lot of material. So stay tuned and check my blog every single day!

I’m planning to have a great time: visit the city, eat delicious food, take photos, maybe I’ll shop a little :D I really have to enjoy my last week of freedom: when I come back I start taking German lessons again and after a week, school starts.  I’m not looking forward to it, but what can I do?


Tomorrow morning I’m leaving town for more than a week. Here, in the picture, you can see a part of my luggage. I’m saying now goodbye, but I’ll have Internet connection and maybe I’ll post sometimes. I know this is what I said when I went to the seaside and this is why I’m preparing some posts right now. I don’t know if I’ll have time, if the wi-fi will work or I’ll be in the mood there. So stay tuned and also follow my twitter because I’m trying to update it more often.