1. pepsi light (nu intrece totusi Coca Cola zero)
  2. Mado mix si zmeura ca desert
  3. outfit
  4. briosele bunicii mele sunt cele mai bune
  5. dimineata insorita
  6. amicul vecinilor :D

  1. veioza noua
  2. Schweini si Muller dupa meciul cu Kaz din preeliminariile pentru mondialele din ’14
  3. De-Kaz
  4. 1 martie like a boss
  5. orez cu curry si creveti <3
  6. fructe de padure si rom cu biscuite

  1. cina: salata mamei (cea mai buna!) si crema de zahar ars de la Danette
  2. cina: pizza
  3. Hala Madrid
  4. Marzipan=new fav sweet
  5. iubesc cadourile
  6. frappe clasic in @Fenice

  1. Kaz-De
  2. vin rosu @C house
  3. Lolita
  4. racita
  5. love marks
  6. 1 martie like a boss #2

  1. selfie
  2. counter
  3. temele…
  4. pregatiri pentru petrecere
  5. 8 martie like a boss
  6. 1 martie like a boss #3

  1. paste cu Simina si Corina
  2. multumesc, Anca!
  3. multumesc, Ilinca!
  4. invatand pentru Procopiu
  5. multumesc, buni!
  6. dimineata chill

Apropos de concursul de fizica aplicata Stefan Procopiu: echipa mea si a altor colege de clasa s-a calificat la etapa nationala care va fi in luna iunie la mare! deci… yay!

In alta ordine de idei, maine plec la Bacau, sper sa prind vreme frumoasa si sa nu ma plictisesc (putin probabil). Va tin la curent pe instagram si cand ma intorc cu siguranta vor fi vreo doua posturi despre asta. Cya. Ah si… go Bayern! :D

That’s for me to know and for you to dot-dot-dot

Hi there! I finally have time to post pictures of the gifts I received for my birthday, which, by the way, was Tuesday :)

body lotion, shower gel (set) and almond & marzipan tea

my girls bought me many books. they know how I love readingscarf (I love the material so badly!) and belt

Farmasi french manicure set and pendant made of Murano glass

black boots from Leonardo (my father gave me the money and I picked them). I adore them: wore them three days of four

jeggings from Pull&Bear (my grandma gave me the money and I picked them)

pink hoodie from New Yorker – the material is so soft!

white lace top from New Yorker

the color of the sweater is actually dark blue – from Mim’s

beige jacket from H&M


black shirt – I’ve been craving it since I’ve seen Damon Salvatore wearing one :D

and the last, but not the least – a new laptop! *happy girl*

The hoodie, the sweater, the lace top and the jacket are bought by my mother in Paris two weeks ago :) These are not the only things I’ve received: there are also another scarf and two tops, but I’ll show you outfits with them.

I’ve just finished watching the last TVD episode, 3×07, I’m really looking forward for next week, but now, after watching Friends for 40 minutes I’ll be off to bed. Have a nice weekend. Mine is already full :)