1. my baby, Mesut Özil
  2. homemade pasta
  3. I’m not a fan of biscuits, but this one was just ♥
  4. reading
  5. Cool Girl – the september issue
  6. watching Austria – Germany
  7. Anna Karenina
  8. iPad + Breakfast at Tiffany’s = the perfect morning
  9. watching Midsomer Murders
  10. made some pancakes
  11. studying German
  12. frappe at @Quartz cafe
  13. homemade pasta #2
  14. on my way tot the gym
  15. bought a new bottle of water for gym – my fav: Evian

  1. my MacBook Pro
  2. Mesut Özil after scoring a goal from a penalty kick
  3. me at gym
  4. birthday cake for dad
  5. watching a Real Madrid game
  6. me
  7. watching Germany – Faroe Islands
  8. my baby scored twice ♥
  9. Mesut and his MacBook Pro
  10. making pasta
  11. me before going out
  12. me before heading to the gym
  13. chips + musli bar
  14. a classy attempt to have a headband
  15. watching Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot

  1. my phone screen atm
  2. gift from my godparents
  3. my MacBook Pro
  4. beer on the grass after a little bit of shopping
  5. my living room
  6. MyMadrid clock
  7. Frozen Yogurt recipe
  8. baking a cake
  9. Adidas shoes for gym
  10. orange juice + Belgian biscuits for breakfast
  11. my baby at a press conference in Hannover
  12. Nacho cheese + Passion fruit beer
  13. my bathtub after adding a raspberry fizzy cube from Yves Rocher
  14. my baby
  15. me

More about me

I found this on HaykyBlog and because I love completing stuff I posted it:

Name: Dumitriu Sabina

Piercings: 1 earlobe

Tattoos: no

Length: 167 centimeters

Shoe size: 39

Hair color: brown

Freckles: no

In love? not really :D just a small crush

Do you wish you lived somewhere else? yes: Germany is my dream country

Do you consider yourself good-looking? sometimes

What shampoo do you use? Yves Rocher

What are you afraid of? what happens after death, diseases, being alone

Do you like roller-coasters? not really


Movie you rented? I think I’ve never rented one :D

Movie you bought? I usually download movies from the Internet or watch them at the cinema, but I think my father bought „Amadeus” a few years ago

Song you heard? I’m now listening to Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Song you downloaded? Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo – Give me everything

Person you called? Mum

Person who called you? a classmate, Diana

TV-program you watched? It happened some days ago :D I think CSI on AXN

Person you thought of? Mum, I miss her


Song: Now I just can’t stop listening to Rihanna – S&M, Enrique Iglesias – Tonight, Katy Perry – E.T, but I’ll always love Mick Jagger – God gave me everything I want, Metallica – Enter Sandman, ACDC – Shook me all night long

Thing to do: shopping or watching a nice movie/serial in my bed

Sport: volleyball, swimming, aerobics, roller skating

Clothes: skinny jeans, classy T-shirts and flats

Movie: The Dark Knight is number 1 for me, but I love all romantic comedies like Love Actually, Killers, The Proposal

Car: Volvo

TV-show: The Vampire Diaries, Friends and Midsomer Murders

Have you ever…

Cried over a boy? yes, but only once or twice

Cried over a girl? only if she pissed me off

Lied to anyone? yes

Been in a fist fight? no

Been arrested? no

Met someone from the Internet IRL? no, I don’t trust strangers

Number of…

Times you’ve been in love? two real times, but had lots of crushes

Times you’ve had your heart broken? three

Hearts been broken because of you? two maybe more :D

Girls you’ve kissed? on the cheek: lots, on the lips: none

Times your name has been in the newspaper? c’mon, really?


Book you read? The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries part 1

Person who e-mailed you? a teacher

Person who sent you a letter? Yves Rocher. it’s not really a letter, but an envelope from them

Person who sent you a text message? Florentina

Time you had dinner with your whole family? with Mum and Dad last week

Thing you bought? a bus ticket

1st of June

  • I received this book for girls from Granny. It’s really helpful and big (600 pages). I’ve read until now about 120 pages, I like it and *surprise* I’ve found out new things.
  • The chocolate from dad is delicious.
  • My parents also gave me some money and I’ll choose how to spend them. I think I’ll order/buy some clothes. I really want a hat and I really need a summer dress.
  • Mum made strawberry ice cream yesterday which was yummy! I had a picture of it, but thanks to Photoscape, I can’t see it anymore :( It looked very nice.
  • Tomorrow after school I’m hanging out with Flavia, we’ll have lunch and watch „The Pirates of the Caribbean 4” at the cinema and on Sunday I’m going to a party.
  • This week I got an 10 at Geography, Informatics and Maths and tomorrow I have a test at Maths and to present a project at German about Nurnberg City which I’ve visited three times.
  • I’ve started watching „Sex and the City” the series and I’m at 01×06. I like it and I want to watch the next seasons too. They’re six, aren’t they?
  • I’m also watching on TV CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Criminal Minds and Midsomer Murders and I adore them all.
  • Now I have to go to repeat my German project and study a little for Maths tomorrow. Yucks!

You make a woman go mad

Granny gave me as a present these on Tuesday: shower gel and little silver bag. What else? Hmm.. I got a 10 at History and English and my weekend is full and fun: tomorrow’s the middle school prom which I’m attending because I’m organizing it with a team, then Raluca and Florentina are coming over to my place and on Saturday I have a party. I guess on Sunday I’ll just relax, do some homework, maybe watch something.

Next I’m gonna watch Midsomer Murders, write some homework for tomorrow (Romanian, Maths, English, Physics), take a bath, read, eat dinner, do some bicycle exercises and watch again TV.




Hey guys, this is my first vlog in my life. I’ve made it because I had to post a video where I speak about myself on Grow’s Facebook group. I was a little bit nervous and I’ve been repeating what I should say five times before starting recording, haha. Like usual I’m gonna bullet for you my news:

  • My Physics test yesterday went good. I hope I’ll get a 9.
  • Yesterday I watched on Diva Universal a new Midsomer Murders episode that was great! I’ve been in love with this series for three years and I’ve seen almost all episodes. It was about an old man that wants to make a child with his daughter/granddaughter. This is a big incest! Bleah. Some people are really insane.
  • Yesterday I started downloading season 3 of 90210 because now I’m at 2×5 :)
  • For the moment I don’t have a curtain at my window because my father disassembled its support. The other house needs it.
  • Today took part the Maths contest „Adolf Haimovici” and I was the 4th in my region, but I got no prise, just a mention. The exercises had average difficulty.
  • Today the Grow project started and the 1st training was so much fun!
  • I have no homework for Monday, that’s great, but I have to study for two tests next week: Maths and Chemistry.
  • Yesterday I finished reading the 5th Vampire Diaries book. Was really nice. When I’ll finish the mini-novel by Mircea Eliade, „The Snake” I’ll write a Romanian post about them. I also want to write on RacoMania again soon. I have two topics!

Ok, I think this is all for now. I’m going to watch 90210. Later!