What’s in my make-up bag?

I had a dilemma, but I finally decided what to post! I wrote an article of this kind once (a year and a half ago I think), so things in my make-up bag have changed since then. I grouped them by category: face, eyes and lips (E.LF? :D) So…

  1. For my face I use the Nivea Natural Beauty face cream, Stay Matte by Rimmel London foundation, Miss Sporty corrector stick and Bourjois Paris flower perfection powder, which I apply with an E.L.F powder brush. The face cream is OK: not the best, not the worse I’ve ever used; some may say it’s a BB cream because it is colored and it’s also moisturizer, like every single Nivea face cream that exists. The foundation is nice, it makes your face indeed matte and if you know how to choose your shadow (I needed some help from a Douglas employee because my skin is not pinkish or yellowish), you’ll be satisfied. The corrector stick I use to cover some spots, but I’m sure there are some better ones than this (it was very cheap, so I can’t be so demanding). And the last, but not least: the flower perfection powder has an amazing smell, but this is not why I bought it for. It has no color, which is perfect, because my face is already full with different products I used before. I put it on to give my skin a uniform look and to fix the foundation. In the end, I believe my face doesn’t look very… full and this is the most important thing to me!
  2. For my eyes I first put on a primer from E.LF. (less than 2 euros, but THE BEST!), then I choose a shadow from my E.LF. eyes transformer kit. This step I skip sometimes for various reasons like: the lack of time or mood or I just don’t feel like changing the color of the eyeshadow. Then I apply at least two shadows from my Two Faced Smoky Eyes palette. In general, I use the day smoke, which fits the color of my eyes perfectly. When I want to change this, I use a color: black, silver, green, blue, pink or purple to match my outfit. After the eyeshadow, I always use a eyeliner and this one from Essence is really good and cheap! I started to use an eyepencil in March; until then I liked liquid eyeliners. The last thing is the mascara: always black; 1st the Rimmel London Scandaleyes for volume and then L’Oreal Paris Volumissime with Ceramide R because it’s waterproof.
  3. I like to keep it simple with my lips that’s why I only use a lip balm from H&M and a nude lipstick from Essence.

Well, this is it. Sorry for the long story, I hope you didn’t get bored and if you managed to finish all, I thank you! Now I’m gonna eat some pizza and watch a tv series. By the way, I finished Two and a Half Men!

Denisa’s Birthday

On the 16th of April was Denisa’s birthday. She is my oldest friend and she is 17 now! I went to her place yesterday and we had so much fun: make-up, movie, lots of food and of course, lots of pictures:

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my old hair dryer burned so I had to buy another one from emag. this is Philips and for the moment I’m very pleased. the deo spray is the new one from Nivea pure&natural and it smells nice. the mascara is like my old one: miss sporty, but this is also waterproof

the position of the bed is new :d

phone, laptop, coffee and pillows :d

They’re trying to find me riding dirty

I’m writing today day 27 and 28 in only one article.

Day 27: What’s in your make-up bag? I’ve done this post before, but I’m doing it again now, because some things have changed.

this is my little make-up bag and it’s old :d

Dior foundation, Chanel powder, Avene mini anti acne lotion, makeup sponge and Avon canceler

Essence liquid eyeliner, Miss Sporty mascara, Avon white and silver kohls

Garnier lip balm, Avon lipstick, Sephora lip glosses

As you can see I own both medium quality and good quality products. For my lips I hate pink and I love brown.

Day 28: A photograph of yourself + three good things that have happened in the past days.

Florentina took me this picture some weeks ago during the school break with her phone. The notebooks are for Biology.

  1. I’ve got 5 pluses at informatics.
  2. I’ve done well at the German olympiad.
  3. My head is not burning anymore because I’ve got new glasses (actually new lenses for my glasses).