I’m on fire, they are not

that’s why I prefer big bags :) I really love the design of the KFC coffee/tea cups

on Saturday I went to see that stalls in the center of the town and I bought this two bracelets. Then a rain started and I had to run in Moldova Mall, where I bought a cup of hot tea and this little scarf in Ani’s.

Remember that sites contest I was telling you about some time ago? My team won and I’m very happy and proud, though I’m also sorry for the others who didn’t win. I’m sure we all worked a lot and in the future we’ll have other chances to show our talent and skills.

I’m off now: I have to study a little geography and history for tomorrow.

Gifts part 2

Yesterday I went to the mall with Magda and bought this Bershka cardigan and this Stradivarius belt. I’ve never bought a belt before, sincerely. I don’t use such things :d but I need one for shirts.

Today I went in Cafepedia in Moldova Mall with a friend and I can say that it’s very very nice, but the prices are huge. And they don’t have alcoholic cocktails.