Early in the mornin’

These all are phone made photos taken while sunbathing on Friday. The shorts are NewLook and the sunnies are MeliMelo btw :d

Translation: Toate acestea sunt poze facute cu telefonul in timp ce stateam la soare vineri. Pantalonii scurti sunt NewLook si ochelarii de soare sunt MeliMelo apropo :d

P.S.: Am scris un nou articol pe RacoMania.

Easter Gifts

T-shirt from my aunt and chocolate from Granny

denim Gap shirt, vintage clutch from my Father, Estee Lauder – Paradise from Granny and Zara – Black


Good evening, my beloved readers! As I promised yesterday I post the Easter gifts I received or bought (+ Yves Rocher shampoo and foam maker with orange fragrance), but you have to know that the best present ever is the new house and the thing that I have health, a good family and friends. Today after lunch at Granny’s, which was really delicious, we came to my house for my grandparents to see it. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we’ll have guests so I’ll be home, so I’ll post :d Today I took just one picture with my outfit and the rest are with my family. Now, though it’s a little bit late, I want to watch a movie. Lately I’m not in the mood to see dramas, so I’ll choose again a comedy. I’ll write about this tomorrow. Good night!